Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Favorite Family Activity - 14 Months

Bike Riding

So I've totally gotten use out of our BOB stroller. From running to trekking through the snow to taking it in the terrain to even traveling by plane with it, I ADORE OUR BOB. I try to find all kind of fun ways to be active with it.
Bike riding fun!! Yes, we do have helmets.

Last winter Karl bought a bike trailer off of Craigslist. AND, right around that time one of my awesome co-workers gave me a SWEET Trek bike because he wanted to get rid of all memories of his ex-girlfriend. The only bad part was his roommate took the bike out and hit a car.... Oops. It needed fixin.

Karl took it in to his mom's cousin's bike shop and it was good as new. Never before have I had such a nice bike!

As the weather keeps getting nicer (YAY!), Karl and I are getting out more and more. Even though he was on-call last week, he actually got home early one night and we hopped on our bikes, found a new trail right in our front yard and off we went.

JACKSON LOVED IT!!!!!!!! I think I loved it more!

The best part is the cart turns into a running stroller for two!! (Slow your thinking down! No two kids just yet!).

How do you stay active with your young ones?


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