Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mother's Day - 13.5 Months

Mother's Day Weekend
(a month after the fact...)

Super fun weekend!!! Anything beats last year when Karl had to leave for his orthotics exam on Mother’s Day - leaving me with a three week old - like I knew what I was doing… I have a better grasp on things this year, that's for sure.
Mom thinks I'm awesome.

I was excited we were able to spend time together as a family this year. Sure, it was a little cool and cloudy but for the most part we spent the day outside. Karl didn’t have to work (Yay!). Everyone was feeling great. Jackson was sleeping through the night. (Hence the emphasis on the word WAS.)
I love my trike!!! I could ride this all day long.
We headed to the park. My mom and dad came up later in the day and we headed to the park with them. Jackson LOVES the park . LOVES.
Had fun at the park with GLAMA!
I gave Pa-Pa a workout!

Poor Karl nailed his head on one of the metal bars chasing after Jackson and swore he gave himself a concussion. Hey, it happens. This kid is FAST. He keeps us on his toes.
Just had to take care of some lawn mowing quick.
Jackson was picked as Baby of the Month at his daycare!!! He's kind of a big deal....


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