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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear - Month 5

week 20

I think my friends on Facebook and Twitter were getting annoyed with me asking for the best strollers and baby products out there. Finally two friends suggested I go out and get The Girlfriend's Guide to Baby Gear by Vicki Iovine. So I did.

Okay, great advice. This book has been wonderful because after reading it, I realized there are many things I don't need. Plus, things I thought I needed that are totally not safe (i.e. a lot of borrowed items from family, friends, garage sales, etc.) and this book names off the really great products that have busy mom's talking.

For instance, I'm not a mom (yet). I have no clue how having a baby is going to add to my already crazy, busy life, but this book helps. It reminds you that most of the time you'll have maybe one hand free, so why get the crib that requires two? The book was written by moms who have already been there, done that.

For instance, I have a really hard time picking up packaged food right now in the baby food section thinking, "I'm going to feed our baby something that has a shelf life of a couple years???" I don't even make those types of packaged foods for Karl and myself to eat. So I was really excited to come across the site Kid Co Inc, thanks to the book. I will be purchasing this awesome Baby Food Mill for sure. And with luck, I realized they are sold in Edina at Amma Parenting Center! Will be checking out this store.

One other thing is a lot of people will offer to lend you their stuff, but there are always recalls. Tons and tons of recalls and big time safety issues. It's a MUST to buy a brand new car seat and crib. Though expensive, these are where a lot of injuries happen and you just don't mess around. Also, I read that most of the cribs sold at places most of us register at are kind of, uh, crap... Sure, the book was written in 2003, and maybe these stores have improved the quality of their products, but I'm not sure I want to risk it. I will need to venture out and focus on department stores or furniture stores and look for labels like, Child Craft, Legacy, Simmons, Sorelle, Morigeau-Lepine, Pali and Ragazzi. So that'll be our next project. Maybe I'll be taking grandma for a little shopping trip when she and grandpa are here next. :)

Things that I registered for that I should take off - (However, I'm really getting fed up with Target's website. This is the third time I can't get to our registry to make changes to it.)
  • Car seat toy bar (dangerous)
  • Any car seat head and seat padding (they test these things without the padding for a reason)
  • Wipe warmer (kind of a waste)
  • Powder (bad for baby's lungs)
  • Jumper that hangs from door or ceiling (danger, danger) 
Items I really need to look into more:
  • A big and small diaper bag (needs to be waterproof just in case something leaks or explodes - easy clean up. They suggest Lands End but I didn't find any I liked... or else, or And the cool part is the author lists everything that needs to be IN the diaper bag. Phew! I will say the "backpack" seems to be the clear winner. Frees up hands... Seems to be the common theme here...
  • Umbrella stroller (for those quick trips...they are light and simple and Maclaren, Combi and Peg Perego are the way to go).
  • Baby Bjorn (way better to carry baby in front than back).
  • 4 side-snap shirts (yes, annoying because they slide up but baby doesn't like umbilical cord getting all rubbed on that first week or two by onesies).
  • Graco Pack N Play with the bassinet and changing table (easy to travel with and easy to leave on another level of the house...good because we have three levels!)
  • Bookshelf for all those awesome books coming!!
  • Diaper Champ (or one that doesn't require you to go out and buy specific garbage bags. It gets expensive. The reviews I read about Diaper Champ aren't good, so I'm still stuck. But I read I will be changing over 100 diapers a week. OMG.) 
  • And some sort of net laundry sack for delicates like socks and things that laundry machine will have no problem chewing up.
So love this book!!!! Did you read anything that helped you through your pregnancy?