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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chapter Two Complete!

Morning world! It's totally amazing what a week of rest will do to my body. I don't know if it's fair to say I rested, but I feel like a million bucks today. Flu must be out of my system! Christie's back!

Yesterday Karl and I celebrated our ten month wedding anniversary. When we clicked our glasses full of sweet tea over a healthy dinner (cooked by me), we both had a premonition - we felt like we should be celebrating ten years! That was kind of fun to giggle about. Then we started talking about gray hairs (some have been spotted already) and what our life will be like ten years from now. I honestly can say I count my blessings everyday for Karl. What a special gift to wake up to every morning! I'm excited for the next ten years!!!

I made a special trip to Mall of America (MOA) yesterday. Karl thinks I have a Bath and Body Works lotion obsession. Maybe I do, considering almost an entire shelf of our bathroom closest is full of half-used bottles. On the other hand, Karl has a lot of vitamins, strange prescriptions and medicines covering his shelf (and I mean...a LOT). We really do have a pharmacy in our bathroom. He made me promise that if I buy a lotion, I have to throw two out. I did that this morning! Bath and Body Works has the BEST sales at the end of June, especially at the MOA. I only purchased like ten bottles of hand soap, some lip stuff and ONE bottle of lotion. Their lip stuff that's usually an insanely expensive $7.50 was $1.75!!! I LOVE C.O. Bigelow lip gloss!

The best part of my trip to the MOA was seeing the rotunda set up for a book signing (Alyson Noel - A NY Times Best Author). I even took a photo of the set up and emailed it to my mom and my friend Jaymie. My mom even wrote back she already has her outfit picked out. LOL! She's really the greatest!

I was inspired after my dinner with Karl and wrote for two hours. I pumped out Chapter Two and felt really giddy after I hit save. I am LOVING this book so much. It's so much fun. They synopsis was the challenge for me, but writing the book is taking what I already pieced together in the nine page synopsis and breathing life into it! I'm hoping I get to Chapter Three tonight! I did skip my workout, but that's okay - it's all about a little give and take.

"A friend understands what you are trying to say...even when your thoughts aren't fitting into words." - Ann D. Parrish

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