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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Here We Go Again - Morning Sickness (Week 7)

Week 7

Darn. Morning sickness has arrived. I thought maybe this time around would be different. NO. The last two days have been tough. VERY hard to focus at work without wanting to either curl up in a ball and fall asleep in my car or visit the bathroom and hide in there. I’m trying to drink water. I’m trying to sip this mom-to-be tea, but I just feel gross.


I sure do take for granted how healthy I feel day in and out, until I don’t.

I went back and looked at my Jackson baby blog. Looks like I was feeling off starting week 6 and week 7 was the magic week. By week 9, I was on and off every few days. I’ll take that. Just not every day, ALL DAY long. YUCK. I noticed with Jackson I was also getting a handful of headaches. Uh-oh. Is that’s what is next for me? I did stop drinking coffee. Sounds GROSS right now. Buh-bye caffeine.

This time around I’m getting terrible bubbles of something in my stomach that are floating up to my sternum. So painful. Maybe heartburn? Maybe gas bubbles? I don’t know. It hurts!

I just laid down on my tummy in the upstairs training room at work and could have easily fallen asleep. I’m counting the hours before I can get home. Maybe we can have leftovers and call it a night?

So tired.

So crabby.

And I woke up to two itchy elbows. They looked like a spider set up a dinner party. Bites, bumps and then some really big warm-to-the-touch raised bumps. Trying not to scratch. Not sure what this is about?
One more week until we see the doctor.

I can do this. I can do this.