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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Waiting on the Ultrasound - Week 9

Week 9

Tomorrow is our ultrasound. YAY!!! I’m pretty excited about it. I think I’ll feel relief once I know everything looks OK and we can actually SEE the heartbeat. Our doctor told us that we’d have less than a 5% chance of miscarrying if we see the heartbeat. Praying for wonderful news.

I had to schedule for night so work doesn't get suspicious, even thought I think they are. The joys of working for a small company. Everyone needs to know where you're going at all times. 

My parents are up right now visiting and helping us out and Jackson has been really great with them. Usually when they come up, he’ll have a tooth coming through or he’s fighting some bug and isn’t in the best of moods. But he’s been super. I love it.

Ever since I switched all my vitamins to bedtime, I’ve been feeling SO much better. I’m not saying my energy levels are back, because they aren’t.  I have a hard time finding motivation or my drive. All I want to do is sleep or sit under a heavy blanket. It takes EVERYTHING to do laundry or to cook or to get out of the house. I’m trying. I am.

I woke up in complete fear the other morning. I was just thinking about how tired I was going to be with number two and how there won’t be naps like there was with Jackson. I’ll have to be entertaining Jackson, which I know I will want to do because I’ll feel bad my attention is on baby most of the time. 

How tired will I really be? Will I even be a nice person? Lots of fearful questions. 

I was starting to remember how much of a full-time job nursing was those first few months. That is ALL I did. And I remember the amount of FREEDOM I felt after 14 months. I’m scared.  

I can do this though because I’ve done it once before and it went really fast and for some reason I can’t remember HOW crazy things were. I’m sure I’ll be reminded very quickly.

·         A big bubble of something sits under my ribs. PAINFUL.
·         I pee a LOT at night.
·         I am HUNGRY a LOT and I eat a ton. When lunch time comes, watch out. It’s full on stuff my face time.
·         TIRED. TIRED. TIRED.
·         My skin is breaking out and greasy this time around.
·         Up to 147.5 lbs.
·         Have NOT worked out one bit. I chose sleep.
·         Nauseous every now and then. Nothing like week 7 though.
·         Crazy dreams at night.
·         My chest is growing. This did NOT happen with Jackson until after he was born.

·         My stomach is definitely thicker in the waste.