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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Bro, Mike...The Guy Next Door

Most of you know I have two pretty cool brothers: Mike and Mark. Without them, I think I'd be a different person. Actually, I know I would. Thanks to them I learned to drive a stick (kind of). I developed a thick skin (bless my younger brother for making back-up beeper noises whenever I crossed paths with him in the hallway. Good thing round butts are in these days, right Mark?) Growing up with them, I discovered that men are simple creatures, and us women tend to complicate things by over thinking (at least I do). AND I recognized that I really wanted to marry someone who had both my brothers' characteristics mixed into one, awesome guy. And there was Karl...

ANYWAY.... since I live right next door to my oldest brother, Mike, I had to choose him for Shakopee's GUY'S NEXT DOOR contest. My younger brother Mark is thrilled he is living in South Africa at the moment (whatever). Several men from Shakopee (population 21,000+) were nominated by someone (friends, wives, sisters, etc) to partake in a community calendar. Mike has been selected as a possible candidate, but I now need your help voting him in!  Voting ends October 31.

Maybe I chose Mike because he is my next door neighbor (seems fitting, doesn't it?) and he's about the nicest guy I have ever met. Truthfully, I had to nominate him for this contest because he really IS the guy next door - as in the guy who will do ANYTHING to make people around him happy.

I think there are five facts we all know about Mike:
  1. He smiles more than the average person; perhaps more than anyone you and I have ever met.
  2. The guy is the most selfless person on the planet.
  3. He loves maps and rarely gets lost. If he does, he calls it an adventure.
  4. He loves the smell of bleach 
  5. His life can be summed up in three words: The Amazing Race.
Somewhere down the road, you met Mike (or will) and he probably made you think twice about your own actions. Is it possible to be this nice, giving and happy all the time? How does one do it?

Rumor has it, my parents named Mike after the LIFE cereal commercials back in '77...He Likes It! Hey, Mikey! My mom said his first word was "Ernie" and he used to ask questions she never had answers for, such as, why do I wrinkle in the bathtub and whales don't? Or, why isn't our skin as beautiful as other nationalities? Not quite the questions I asked...

Besides being the most giving person, he has a spirit about him that is contagious, maybe this is why so many people want to be around him, especially me. Hope Karl doesn't mind Mike being our neighbor for many years to come. Mike's involved in anything and everything he can get his hands on: volleyball, marathons, beer brewing, traveling, church ministries, work, gardening, cooking, earning his MBA, etc... What hasn't he done?

You get the picture! I'd love for you to vote for him if you can!  Vote away (see below)!! Thank you!