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Friday, May 11, 2012

Baby Items We Love - week 3

Top 15 Items at 3 Weeks

With almost three weeks under our belt, I thought I'd share the baby items we use frequently and love. Of course every baby is different, and there are items we do have that we haven't yet used and I know we will be eventually. Or I've just started using them and am not going to count yet. These are the items that have worked for us over the past three weeks:

1. Fisher Price Swing
Jackson is always sleeping so sweetly in his swing. The first week we brought him home he even slept in the swing during the evenings, while I slept next to him on the couch. This has been a huge life saver!!! I love that we have this in our family room so I can get a lot of stuff done around the house while he naps...even though I should be napping. Sometimes I do! But I've never really been a napper...
Jackson and Grandpa Gary sleeping soundly in the family room

2. Chicco KeyFit 30 Car Seat (and two bases for both cars)
I spent a lot of time researching car seats. Yes, the Chicco KeyFit is more expensive, but it is SO simple and easy to get in and out of our cars and into the BOB stroller. And it's one of the safest car seats out there. I love this. I also love that I had this checked out by the police before I had Jackson. Huge piece of mind knowing it's installed correctly.

3. BOB stroller
I took Jackson out in the BOB his first week home. All I needed was an adapter for the Chicco car seat and we were good to go. I can't wait to start running with this! Jackson and I go for walks at least once a day. Worth every penny!

4. Halo Swaddlers or Big Swaddle Blankets that can be made into Tight Burritos
Thanks to the book, Happiest Baby on the Block, I have learned how important these swaddlers are for a long night's sleep!! Babies are in the womb for nine months and the Halo Swaddler resembles being all snug in mama's womb. Jackson sleeps so wonderful when he's wrapped up in one. And he doesn't scratch himself so much.
Aunt Kelly holding Jackson all swaddled up!

5. Bassinet (with a vibrator and music)
Karl and my mom ran across the street to Once Upon a Child and bought a used bassinet the first week we brought Jackson home. We didn't like how angled he was in everything else and how his neck was bent funky - their necks are so fragile! The bassinet has been a great purchase because it mimics a crib (in a way), but it's still small enough where I know he's not rolling all over and he can sleep next to me. I like it because it's flat, which hopefully means he won't have a hard time adapting to sleeping in his crib when it comes to that time. We just turn on the vibrator and put on ocean waves and Jackson more often than not falls asleep after late night feedings.

6. Pacifier for a Newborn
I was against introducing a pacifier until week four since that's what all the breastfeeding books said, but Jackson loves to suck. And this voice inside of me kept pushing me to try out the pacifier. I swore that's all he needed. Finally I broke down and gave him one when he was wailing. He loved it. He'll take it for about an hour or two a day and is very content. Plus, sucking is one of the S's talked about in The Happiest Baby on the Block.

7. Wipe Warmer
We didn't even register for this, but use it ALL the time!!! Poor Jackson has diaper rash, so I can't help but think the warmer wipes feel much better on his sore butt versus cold. Yep, he's officially spoiled.

8. Medela Electric/Traveling Breast Pump
I heard mixed reviews on this. A lot of people told me to wait to buy a pump because I first needed to find out if I could breastfeed. But I'm glad I did buy this ahead of time, because I did have issues and needed to pump, and ASAP. I remember piecing the whole thing together at 2:30 in the morning going off an hour and a half of sleep wondering how it all worked. The pump has been a great way to save milk for when I go back to work and when we introduce a bottle.

9. Hands-Free Breast Pump Bra
Karl's cousin bought this for me as a shower gift. I use it ALL the time. When I pump and wear this bra, I can read a magazine with both hands, check Facebook, work at the computer. It's awesome!! Love, love, love this!

10. Water temperature duck
We give Jackson a bath every week right now and never know if the water is too warm or too cold. The water always feels too cold for me, but duckie doesn't think so. One of Karl's aunts gave us this duck that tells us if the temperature of the water is too hot. We use it every time.
The duck in the background

11. Medela Storage Bags and an Extra Set of Pumping Parts
Since the first week I have been storing my milk and it's nice to put in storage bags. These have been wonderful and I can write the date on them. Karl's cousin told me to go out and buy a second set of parts too for the pump so I wouldn't have to wash them every single time. Great advice! Nobody wants to do the dishes at 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the morning.

12. My BrestFriend (B-feeding pillow)
I thought the Boppy was the number one breast feeding pillow, but it just doesn't work for me when it comes to feeding time because I have a longer torso. However, I do like to set Jackson on his belly in the Boppy to get his tummy time. So I do use it! But the BrestFriend has helped SO much and I use it every single time I feed Jackson. It sits on my stomach/torso perfectly! I would have bought an extra cover because every time I wash it, Jackson either spits up or poops on it. Nice.

13. Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Garbage Pail
No stink in the nursery! This pail has been wonderful for storing all the stinky diapers and wipes in...thankfully breastfeeding prevents diapers from stinking super bad. I'm sure any garbage can would work, but this is just nice because it's next to the changing table and it's convenient.
Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail and the Wipe Warmer

14. Munchkin Disposable Changing Pads
We have a cushy pad on the changing station, which is part of the crib. However, there is a cloth monkey cover on top (totally adorable). Jackson has showed us that he will pee when he is good and ready, so it's nice to set down disposable changing pads to prevent us from washing the monkey cover every time. And our awesome friends Katie and Jason bought us pee pee tee pee covers to put on Jackson when we do change him so we don't get "hosed". These things are awesome.
Changing station!

15. Pamper Swaddlers Diapers - For Newborns and BURP cloths....LOTS of burp cloths.
These have been a life saver for us - the two who never changed diapers before. We love that the color changes from yellow to blue so we know when Jackson has peed.
Our fave diapers! And our fave little man! :)

And we need lots of burp cloths for all the spit up...and let me tell ya...there is lots of spit up. I have burp cloths all over the house!