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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week in Review - 17.5 Months

As of today, Jackson is a year and a half.
Say what!? BUT, I’m going to post a recap of last week and that means lil man is still 17.5 months in this post. We had a fun week. YAY! I kind of begged Karl to stay home this last weekend just because I want him to have fun too and we miss him. I know he's swamped at work. It gets tough juggling it all. I know this! It's hard being a working parent but it's also hard being a stay at home parent. I get it. I do.
Hayride with mom!
The weather is getting cooler but last week's weather was AWESOME Monday through Thursday. I even went running during lunch on Thursday and came back a new person. I wish I could do that all the time, but I work by two huge trucking companies. The honking gets annoying and same with all that exhaust. Plus, there aren’t showers here so I feel bad for my coworkers. Not really (sorry guys), but I can't say it's very professional on my part if I come back smelly and sweaty. I’m really trying to figure out a new system to fit in a few workouts a week and I’m having a really hard time. I REALLY don’t want to get up at 4:30. There has to be another way.

Me and my little jogging suit! Getting ready for a run with mom!

Fridays are now vacation days for me. My company won’t allow me to work from home anymore due to insurance purposes and owed me some vacation time. So now until January, I get to have Fridays off. I KNEW I would LOVE this schedule. I KNEW IT. I love love love love it and can’t seem to give it up. I’m in big trouble now. BIG TROUBLE.
Anyway, Jackson and I enjoyed the weather on Friday morning. We took a long walk to a park a couple miles away. We even broke for a science lesson and checked out the plant life and bugs.
Loves looking at all the "bees" close up.

Exploring plant life
Letting the fuzzes blow in the wind!
The clouds rolled in (boo) and the wind blew HARD. The cool thing about having Fridays off now is being able to go to places without the crowd. I love that. We headed to Peter’s Pumpkins in Shakopee. Besides Peter, we were the only ones there. I mean, he even decided to mow his grass while we were there. Felt like we fit right in.

I put Jackson in one of their wagons and we went hunting for pumpkins! Super fun. He liked the ones with all the bugs oozing out of them. (Of course.) Right now all bugs are “bees” to Jackson. So cute.
Pumpkin hunt!

Found a real good one! Had the entire "patch" to ourselves!

Poopin out a pumpkin! Love how Jackson says "up-in" for pumpkin
Peter’s wife, Carmen, cans her own pickles. And I can tell you, they are AMAZING. I’m addicted. I’m SO addicted that I brought Karl back to Peter’s Pumpkins the next day so we could get another jar since Jackson and I ate almost the whole jar. Oopsy. Also, Peter gives FREE hayrides on the weekends. YAY! I'm all about doing anything FUN and FREE right now. We need to save as best as we can if we ever want to buy a house. The weather was cold and cloudy Saturday but we still wanted to make it outside. We all enjoyed the hayride and more picklesJ

My obsession right now. SO SO SO GOOD.
One thing Jackson LOVES helping me with is making guacamole. He LOVES eating it too.
My handsome boys having fun at Peter's farm!
My Grandpa Harry Powalish would be so proud. He used to work for International Harvester in Chicago.

Me and my sweet boy!
I want to eat them BOTH UP!
The three of us went to church Sunday. I was excited about this; however, Jackson couldn’t keep quiet this time so Karl took him out in the narthex. Hey, we made it and that's what counts. After we got home, I clipped apart our big basil plant and froze the leaves into ice cubes so I have fresh basil whenever this fall. Yum.
Cubes of frozen basil for the fall

The weather was really great on Sunday and I was able to squeeze another run in during naptime(yay!) and Karl and I took Jackson on a 7-mile bike ride when he got up. He's wearing his helmet finally. I think he sees us wearing it and knows it’s a must now. This is a battle I will win.
My boys. I love these two with all I have.
Cute man.
Serious about safety! Look at those baby browns!
The tantrums have started (ufdah!) so I’m trying to choose my battles wisely otherwise things can get exhausting and the days get REALLY long!!

Toyland Ad came in the mail. Jackson LOVED pointing to his faves. One being the toy vacuum cleaner.

After three weeks of chronic diarrhea Jackson now knows when he’s about to poop. He points to his butt, and says “poo-poo”. We went ahead and bought a potty chair later in the weekend as he would climb up the stairs and head for the bathroom to go “poo-poo”. This is VERY early so we’re not banking on anything. We just know he’s aware and are going with it. I’m sure this is normal and another phase will find its way into the mix of things.
Hey everyone, hanging out on the potty!
I’m just fascinated by how quickly Jackson picks up on things and how observant he is. I hug his stuffed animals and then he has to. I pretend to feed his doggies cheerios and he does the same, days later. It’s just so cute to me. He’s starting to sing too. I love it. I love everything about this little dude.
See you next week!