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Friday, June 18, 2010

Sometimes our bodies know best

Some weird things have been going on with my health lately. I can't quite tell if it's stress, exhaustion or some sort of odd bug? The facts: I have been getting less sleep, running around a lot more, freaking out 24/7 that I should be writing instead of doing everything else. I think all that worry got the best of me. I mean...on Monday I crawled in the back seat of my car to catch a 10 minute catnap between work and volleyball. Food didn't even sound good. Me passing up food for sleep, something is definitely up. Then last night I arrived home from work and felt flu-like. What is up?? I'm usually so healthy. Then the chills started. Karl - with his obsession with thermometers - took my temperature. The fever began! [Sidenote: I really do have the most incredible husband, even if he's wearing his "game over" t-shirt today with a bride and groom printed on the front.] When I woke up, I felt incredibly weak with my head on fire. Temperature read 101. Yeah - no work! I can finally write! Not so.

When the body is sick, it's sick. There's no focus, energy or creative juices flowing - it's nearly impossible. Instead I slept. A lot. I think getting sick is a reminder that we can't do everything. It's OK to say no once in awhile and it's time to SLOW DOWN a little. Around 9 p.m. tonight, I started feeling more like myself (hence this blog entry). Plus, I'm now at my wedding weight...time to bust out the skinny jeans!! I feel terrible since my friend Kimbra is getting married tomorrow and I was supposed to go to their rehearsal and groom's dinner tonight. I didn't want to infect anyone, plus I'll be ready for the wedding tomorrow! Everyone knows I like me some weddings!!!

As for my book, I chatted with my friend who continues to graciously take time to review anything I send his way. He was finally able to devote time and read my nine page synopsis and actually LIKED (maybe even LOVED) all the revisions and provided plenty of encouragement - enough to totally motivate me. I feel like I'm now on the right track and all I have to do is write. YEAH me!!! I really like where my book is going!

Dreams really are strange. Where do they come from? Why do some go by the wayside and some really become a reality? I truly believe all dreams can become a reality.

Like Walt Disney says, "If you can dream it, you can do it!"

I'm going to start setting some goals for myself and I'll post those next. Goals help keep me on track! No more getting sick!!

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