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Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekly Weight and Workouts - Week 4

Week of October 21

Height 5'10"
Weight 160 (oh phew! Back on track. Was getting nervous there with my bad workout week.)
Jackson and Bones just "hanging" out on our walk

I quickly learned that I need to start these fitness blog posts as a new week begins and journal as I go or else I forget what I did and I'm not as excited to go work out because I've lost track and I think I've already failed. Where is that positive attitude, Christie?

Blogging as I go helps me stay on track and motivated. I'm working really hard at getting one morning workout in on our elliptical downstairs, just haven't totally gotten there just yet. I'm usually already up, so it shouldn't be THAT hard, right? *cough*

It's just I can feel my body catching up on the 6 months of lost sleep.... Excuse. Excuse.

One other thing that helps, is if I take a picture of myself doing one of the workouts. I tell myself I have to workout to get a photo for the week! 

Sunday - 35 minute Run/Walk with BOB stroller. Weather was awesome. Jackson slept 12 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!! STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. Couldn't work out when I first woke up because my chest was engorged to the max. Like Pamela Anderson chest. OUCH! Needed relief ASAP and wanted Jackson to get up but refused to wake him. I learned that I would never be able to survive implants. EVER.

Monday - None

Tuesday - Stair Stepper at Life Time Fitness - 25 minutes. Steam 5 minutes (slice of heaven here!!!).

Wednesday - None

Thursday - None

Friday - None

Saturday - 25 minute elliptical and 30 minute stroller walk with Jackson

Spent Sunday making two healthy snacks that would last us all week: energy balls and Quinoa Egg BLTs (good way to get veggies and protein). These are great to have between breakfast and lunch! Also, tried out a new overnight steel cut oats recipe! Cherry. Yum.

Cherry Overnight Steel Cut Oats

My goal is to continue eating really healthy. Breakfast for me is and has been since Jackson was conceived either overnight steel cut oats with some kind of fruit and flax or old fashion oats with flax, peanut butter and raisins. I continue to eat oatmeal because I read it helps with milk supply and I really do love it...and it's healthy. Plus, I can't stand sugary cereal anymore. Ick. Eggs seem to take too long to cook up in the morning before work. Who knows if the whole milk supply thing is true, but I'm remaining steady pumping 16-21 ounces of milk at work every day. *knock on wood*

In an older post I wrote about my daily snacks. Those quinoa egg BLTs worked out really great this week. I'll be making these again for sure.

I pack both lunches for me and Karl in the morning and it's usually leftovers from dinner the night before. There is maybe one day a week where I will go grab lunch quick out of the office. I give Karl the one extra lunch left for the week just because he doesn't really get a lunch break, ever...and I don't want him going to Super America for a nasty tall energy drink and salty sandwich. Yes, babe....I'm watching you!!!!

Currently I'm spending about $100 - $150 on groceries a week between the three of us.

Most of our dinners come from healthy recipes I've found on Pinterest while I pump or are ripped from pages of my health magazines. I always try to make sure there is veggies or fruit in all that we eat throughout the day. And protein because that keeps me feeling full longer.

Sleep is also a HUGE contributing factor to my overall health and I have been getting more sleep. Ahhhhh! I love you sleep! Granted I'm crawling into bed around 8:30 every night (feels soooooo good and it's already dark out) but Jackson is more times than not, sleeping past 4:30 a.m.!!! As long as I get more than six hours in a row, I'm good!!!

That's all for this week. More next week!