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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two Months Old - week 8

week 8 postpartum

Jackson is officially two months old!
I'm two months old!

We had an interesting week. Jackson went from sleeping 5-7 hours every night to going back to sleeping 3-4 every night this past week. Not going to lie, I'm pretty tired. Last night was the first night he slept a solid seven hours in a row. YES!!!

When he was only sleeping 3-4, it was hard for me to pump since I usually do it right after that first feeding in the morning. The last thing I want to do at 4 a.m., after being up for 45 minutes, is pump. So I found myself going back to bed instead. And now I'm worried I don't have enough milk stored up. Annoying. See what going back to work does to a person? And as I type this I realize I didn't put the storage bag right on the pump, so I have milk spilling on my shorts. Nice.

Jackson and I finished our four week Baby and Me class on Thursday where Jackson graduated at 11 pounds and 6.6 ounces. It makes me feel a lot better. He's gaining. He's growing.

It's nice to know he's getting plenty of food and I have nothing to worry about.

The teacher had a pediatrician come in at the end of class and I totally got my $25 worth! He was very outspoken about the bottle and how it's so easy to overfeed your baby and how we usually give them more via the bottle and then their stomach stretches. So we need to be careful about that. He made sure to remind us how obesity is HUGE in America and it usually starts when we're babies. I think that's what happened last week. He was overfed by the bottle because I wasn't there and I think he got too much. But, that's a lesson learned for me too. All this week all he wanted to was to keep eating that same amount. Finally Karl gave him a bottle and he was back to only eating 3.5 ounces.

I asked the doctor everything under the sun from bee allergies to babies being in swimming pools to me working out and the effects of that on milk production to making sure he's getting enough food to different color poops to GERD to baby gas. That was awesome because he answered all of them and gave me that piece of mind I needed.

And just as Jackson graduated that class, we started a ECFE class in Bloomington on Wednesdays. There are 12 other mothers and babies in class. We start off by playing for 30 minutes and then we sing songs and then we talk about concerns we have. I love it so far. My friend Connie from church introduced us to this class and gifted it to us. She is AWESOME. I have to miss the last class though because I'll be back working.

Big milestones this week...

Jackson found his thumb! He's been sucking away at it when he does find it. It's not total perfection - sometimes his whole fist makes contact with his mouth and sometimes it's a bit awkward with his thumb in mouth all goofy, but it's totally cute to see!
Jackson found his thumb!

There are definitely more adorable sounds coming out of Jackson every day and I can't wait to hear that first giggle.

I'm trying to get Jackson to take naps in his pack n play versus the swing. During the ECFE class, the teacher told us researchers are now finding those swings are messing with baby's backs now. I worry about this because the swing has been our saving grace. Jackson falls asleep instantly when we put him in this for naps during the day. When he's lying flat on the pack n play, he sleeps maybe 10 minutes and then he's back up exploring or crying. Not sure what to do about this.
Jackson gets distracted in his Pack N Play

We're going to the St. Francis Baby Fair at the Shakopee High School today! I hear it's pretty sweet. I'm excited to go. I really want to go to the session on introducing solids into baby's life.

Jackson gets baptized tomorrow and we're pretty excited about that. He gets to wear a dress Karl wore when he was baptized. Fingers are crossed there are no accidents in it.

Four more weeks until I go back to work...