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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Power of Friday

Can I say, "Thank God it's Friday (TGIF)"? What a week. Here's the latest going down in my life  - in no particular order or according to awesomeness.

1. After a looong travel day on Sunday: PHX to IAH, layover in Houston, then IAH to MSP...oh, not to mention a passenger on both flights suffering from either the worst hangover of her life, heat stroke or the flu, we managed to survive (Karl barely) and came home to find a letter from Karl's association. In short (and the nicer version), we have to put Karl's place up for sale. We must face the truth. We both have feared long enough thanks to the amount of "stuff" that still remains in it and the fact we have no room in our current town home. We're just going to have to accept our loss and move on with one house. I've been spending every second writing, so cleaning has been the last thing on my mind. That all changes this weekend. And this is why I'm going to happy hour tonight.

2. Will it ever stop snowing!? I thought by the end of March (or at least last year), Minnesota warms up a little. I saw geese frozen in the pond by our place yesterday morning (my car showed 11 degrees). I thought I was going to cry. The poor lil guys couldn't move!!! On a positive note, I think Karl and I will try to snowshoe once more...that is, if we get his place cleaned out first.

3. I received two requests for my full manuscript and a partial from some really awesome literary agencies! As in, they are so awesome I danced when I read all three of their emails. They are the three I really, really want and like. Of course I had to go out and buy some of the books of authors they represent. I am so excited and my patience is truly being tested right now. I also became a finalist in the 250-word SHOW ME THE VOICE writing contest!! Cool, huh? There were around 135 writers and 20 of us were picked! I'm excited to see if I get picked as one of the top three by the agent reviewing them. More to come next week.

4. Karl and I are confirmation mentors again this year during the Lenten Season. I have the coolest 8th grader ever! Sometimes I think we 'adults' get so busy, we forget to be silly and young. Our ages are really just numbers and we need to remember to laugh and be fearless like we were in 8th grade! Maren's bringing lots of joy to my life right now. The book we're reading this year is the book of Hebrews. Something I need to read because it's a reminder to TRUST and RELAX. God has our back. He knows us better than anyone. And God doesn't create duds as people. He creates some kick ass people. Time to shine!!! And I haven't felt stronger about that last phrase than this week.

5. Tis the season for weddings! Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE WEDDINGS. How about three in a row come the month of May? Whoa! One in Chicago. One in Milwaukee. And one in Shakopee. Throw in a handful of baby showers and I'm sure life will get crazy. And I wonder why my summers go so fast....

6. Remember that New Year's resolution I had earlier this year? It went something like, "This year I will stop biting my nails"? Yeah... That's a no-go. I seriously need help. Is there nail biters anonymous somewhere? I watch people's faces fall in horror when they catch glimpse of my nasty habit. Ugh!! Help!

7. After watching The Biggest Loser last night on DVR, I started thinking back to an entry I wrote in the Star Trib. The blog was about Making Our Dreams a Reality. I believe it's possible. And it starts from within. Look at the contestants at the beginning of the season on Loser. They're so unhappy and so lost. But once their transformation starts, they grow so much inside. See what getting healthy does for people physically and mentally? When you continually push forward and listen to those voices inside, things happen. Amazing things.

On that note... If you can dream it, you can do it.  - Walt Disney