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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Shower #2 - Entering Month 8

31 weeks

Minnesota Baby Shower

What an awesome baby shower thrown by my sister-in-law, Kelly and Karl's aunt (and godmother) Janie. I'm overwhelmed right now with all the love and generosity I've received from so many people. We are feeling so blessed and so lucky. Jeez we know a lot of awesome people.
We had quite the spread of food! YUMMY!

Well, I just realized (yes, as I'm putting this post together) the in the shower I was the guest of honor at...started at 10:30, and Karl and I didn't show until 10:45. I'm feeling really cool now. Like as low as scum. Who does that??? For one, I was still battling getting over the stomach flu (yes, it got me good) and haven't totally been all there, but I have never in my life mixed times up like that. What is wrong with me!?!? I feel like such an idiot right now.
Super fun baby shower hosted by Aunt Kelly and Great Aunt Janie
Some of the fabulous guests!

Kelly's place was packed with friends and family and was decorated really great. There were so many cute details everywhere. From two books Kelly bought that said I Love You Daddy and I Love You Mommy with our baby pictures next to them to this cute little baby carriage fruit spread my mother-in-law made to a big diaper cake she put together. All super cool and creative!
I Love You Daddy Book (and a pic of Karl as a baby)
I Love You Mommy Book (and a picture of me)
My mother-in-law, Judy made this cute fruit baby carriage!

Brunch was served and it was delicious! After, we played a couple fun games. One, we had to unscramble a bunch of baby words. I wasn't very good at it. I had maybe three right - Karl got nine right. Then we played a "Price is Right" game where Janie brought out a bunch of items from Target in a bin that baby will use and we had to guess the price of each item. Then we added our totals and determined who came the closest. I guessed a total of $87 and Karl's was around $38. Karl was only about $.75 off. I guess I shop at expensive places.... He won. He's so kicking my butt!!!

Then I began opening gifts. Wow. There were so many! And so many awesome, adorable things. I couldn't believe it. Blows me away every time I start thinking about the time and talents it takes to put some of this stuff together!!!!
Look at this adorable sweater Janie made. WOW! So CUTE!
Kelly's awesome friend Kaisa made the CUTEST burp cloths I've ever seen!
My dear friend Sue Ann shipped out this fab bookshelf for all baby K's books!
Karl's other Godmother, Aunt Susan, made this fun blanket!
Karl's mom kept Karl's blankets and wrapped them up for Baby K

Then I thanked everyone for coming (wishing now I could've explained why I was so late... and apologized ten times over). The shower was a GREAT success. Karl and I couldn't be more excited for the big day!
Me, Karl, Great Grandma Bea, Great Grandma Alice and Grandma Judy
Kelly did an AWESOME job!!!! THANK YOU!

Huge success!!!! Can't wait for the next one! Baby Koester is sure one lucky baby! :)