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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A week of waking up at 4 a.m.

My challenge for the week: wake up at 4 a.m. three times to write. I usually get up around 6 a.m. for work, and have realized that the only way I'm going to find time to write (this month at least) is by waking up early or going to bed late. June is our wedding month this year with August, September and October coming in a close second, third and fourth place. We only have five or six weddings, so I'm not going to complain. The summer of 12 was a bit extreme.

One of my favorite parts in my day is crawling into bed with Karl and having library hour. We both pick up a book, snuggle close and read...or I Tweet and Facebook. So I decided this means I'll be getting up early rather than going to bed late. Waking Karl up in the mornings is a veerrrry long process, so I know I won't be missed much if I sneak downstairs and write. I used to be a great morning person. I used to exercise in the mornings before work. I used to show up at work before anyone else. But, I was also 30 pounds heavier too (weird since I was working out, but not so since I was eating 3500 calories a day). They say sleep is a great weight loss tool, and I'm worried I'll pack on the weight. Lack of sleep always makes me hungry. I'm going to see how this week goes and refuse to have any food in sight until after 6 a.m.

I also have a lot on my mind.
1. We had a wedding this past weekend in Two Harbors, Minnesota! Beautiful country, but also very cold and foggy. Saturday, the day of the wedding, I woke up sick. Was it the three drinks the night before or did I catch a bug? All I know is in college I used to drink a lot more than that and could run a half marathon the next day. But I did just turn 31 last week. Could be a sign of what's to come? I was so mad at myself! I love weddings, and there I was sick in bed. Not only did I miss the family pictures, but also the genuine emotions of the day. And I also realized how lucky I am to be healthy - I sure take it for granted!

2. I have a book club tonight. We just got home from this long trip, and we have to get in the car again for a book club. I love the people. I liked the book. But I'm frustrated because again I have no time to write. By the time we get home, it'll be time to sleep!

3. I am totally missing The Bachelorette! I play volleyball on Monday nights right after work. We DVR The Bachelorette (and I say WE because Karl does watch with me). We've been so busy that I haven't even watched the first episode. I'm kind of okay with it because I didn't like Ali very much when she was on The Bachelor. Part of me thought she got exactly what she wanted. She had to cause drama to get noticed (i.e. she was way too mean to Vienna). Then she realized that Jake was a bit too geeky, emotional and feminine for her and faked her work excuse. This caused some of the viewers to feel sorry for her. Now she has her own little show. Maybe I'm wrong about her? Maybe she is wonderful. I've never met her, but sometimes I get vibes about people and I have one about her. This thinking also totally goes against the book I read for my book club - They Anatomy of Peace. I'm viewing her as an object and not as a person. Damn. I am a hypocrite.

4. Work is crazy. I was hired on as a Graphic Designer, but now am the graphic designer, web designer, marketing manager and search engine optimization project manager. Anyone who knows me understands my need to be busy, but this is a little over the top...enough to make me write about it.

5. I wish I could travel. Don't we all? My dream is to write a best seller, make enough money to write books for the rest of my life, travel and be a stay at home mom. Is that too much to ask for? Oprah and Jillian Michaels both say you can have whatever you dream. I'm going to try that.

6. We have another wedding next weekend. At least I know I won't be drinking! No more of that. Remind me I said that, okay? Remembering we have back-to-back weddings is when I decided I have to get up early to write because there is very little time on the weekends. Fingers crossed that I have Sunday to do some writing, but Karl reminded me it's Father's Day...

This leads me to the question why can't life and our dreams be easy? I guess then they wouldn't be dreams, right? And life would be somewhat boring if we always got what we wished for... I suppose I could make myself feel better by saying I'm doing "research" for my book by attending all these weddings!

I'll keep you posted how I survive waking at 4 a.m. tomorrow. Plan is: get up early and write. Go to work. Head straight to volleyball. Try to eat somewhere in the hour break I have. Play volleyball again. Read more of Heat Wave and Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies...and do it all over again on Tuesday, minus the volleyball. I might try writing over lunch too...

Cherish your health!

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