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Monday, May 19, 2014

Month in Review - 25 Months

We Love Spring!

Besides Jackson turning 2 and getting our place ready for renters and moving and being pregnant, we are still fitting in time for fun!

Here's what we have been up to in no particular order!

We also had conferences with Jackson's daycare teachers. They said he's doing incredible. The only thing that he doesn't know yet is how to pedal a trike, but that will come! Otherwise, they were blown away with his potty training - he is now STANDING to pee. It's the CUTEST thing EVER. And they say he is by far the FASTEST kid in class and he never ever stops going. EVER. That's our Jackson!

Checking out the construction zone right down the street. This was pretty awesome in Jackson's eyes.

Looks a bit like daddy here...

Birthday party at Choo Choo Bob's!

Jackson was more excited about the cars that had doors that opened. Yes, we left with one! (Don't worry, I bought it)

Enjoying Pizza at Preston's 2nd bday! The last time I had Pizza Hut MAY have been in college....shhhhh.

Goofing around

Tonsil check. Yep. Still there. 

Loving the swing

My sweetheart

Moving project: Cleaning out a closet. Someone found all the winter stuff!

Look mom! I put it on myself!

What up? What up?

We really have to pack this away too?

Mark, Tot and Kacey stopped by for a visit and to celebrate Jackson's 2nd bday. He's been working on his golf swing ever since! And saying ADT! ADT! (Articulated Dump Truck). Thanks Uncle Mark!

Lots of running going on!

A MOMENT of lying still. ONLY A MOMENT.

LOVES his wagon from Papa and Grandma Cindy.

Almost looks like a REAL drink, eh? I made it myself. No alcohol. And quite tasty. Too bad Jackson wanted most of it.

My SWEET Mother's Day gift from Jackson's daycare. A very sweet poem on the other side too. 

Loves to be in control of his wagon! "No, mom! Jackson do it!" 

My Mother's Day treat! A wagon ride!!

Front row to a sweet Forklift show!

EXCAVATOR!!!!! Jackson was in PURE heaven. I LOVE how he says "EX-cavato"

The big shovel and its TEETH. Yes, we have a book on dump trucks, bulldozers, trains and garbage trucks. His favorite pages are the ones with "EX-cavatos" in them.

All he wanted was to get in the door!

My sweet boys!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this little man and this photo of us and our slanty Powalish eyes!

Morel mushroom hunting with dad. Jackson LOVED being in the woods.

Came back empty handed but still precious as ever!

Hey mom! I'm up in a tree! Look, no hands!

Welp, until next time! We might be in a new home the next time I post. WHOA!!!! Change is SOOO scary, but so good. I'm honestly just going with it all because there is SO much happening at once. Trusting God here! Wish us luck!

Baby Moving and Feeling TIRED - 17 Weeks

17 Weeks

Have to get a post in before I hit 18 weeks tomorrow! We’re in the middle of finding renters and moving, so time is slipping away from me! What a crazy job this has been.

It is good though because I’m getting really organized. I’m separating all Jackson’s toys and pulling put the ones he definitely doesn’t need to be playing with anymore and getting those ready for baby. And I’ve also organized ALL photos and am working on his ages 1-2 photo album and getting another one ready for baby #2. And I bought two Rubbermaid file bins so I can go through all his notes and art projects and well-visit reports, etc. and file them according to dates and what not. And start one for baby #2. So yes, moving IS a REAL GOOD THING. Just doing all this makes me feel tons better. There are SO many piles of papers everywhere, so it’s nice just to purge and organize and get a handle on all of it.

And I have popped! Belly is OUT. People are noticing.
Belly at 17 weeks!

First thing, I don’t remember feeling THIS exhausted when I was pregnant with Jackson. I know I’m chasing around a VERY active toddler, but wow, I really do get wiped out. I have been sticking to working out at the gym twice a week. I also will be out walking most of the other days. Not just once either. We’re talking two or three times (more so on the weekends). I love it, but I’m usually dead tired by dinner time. I lowered my fitness level on the stair stepper by a couple (now do Cardio Plus at level 9) and I’m keeping my weights to light during weight training.

I also forgot how busy we are once the weather gets warmer. As soon as the sun comes up (Jackson gets up at 5:30 now) we are on the move. We’re walking to parks and trekking through grass and hills and all kinds of things. He is SUCH a boy. And he RUNS everywhere. Think Forest Gump. Not even kidding. And it’s harder now that I have to pee so much. I know this is just a phase though and I won’t feel like this forever, but I just remember last summer. I was able to run and bike and bounce from one activity to the next (granted Jackson was also FINALLY sleeping through the night too so I felt like a NEW person). And I was able to drink!!! Now, it’s like I have to dig REAL deep to find that energy. REAL DEEP. My legs felt like stove pipes on Saturday. I HAD to take a nap on Sunday.

I have NO issue gaining weight quickly too. Learned that the hard way. I have to settle down or else I’m going to be HUGE for this baby.

I have been feeling baby MOVE a lot!!!!!!! I love this. Karl felt the baby move too. A sweet moment was when Jackson woke at 5:30 and we cuddled in bed and Karl put his hand on my belly and baby was moving. They were BOTH up at the same time and it was just one of those happy moments all of us snuggled up in bed. I knew it was short-lived but I promised myself right then and there I would enjoy THAT MOMENT. It was really nice. I felt and feel extremely blessed.

Last Monday I had a weird moment where I was cooking up breakfast for all of us and got really hot. Then I saw black all around me. I broke out in a HUGE cold/hot sweat and immediately had to sit down. I felt super sick and like I was going to faint. SAME thing happened when I was pregnant with Jackson once around the same time. SO STRANGE. Poor Jackson was so worried about his mommy.

We had our doctor appointment and everything looks and sounds great. Karl filmed the baby’s heartbeat and I was hoping to have that link in this post, but it’s still on his phone. Darn!

We go in for a Level II ultrasound in June. This is to get a closer look at the baby’s heart since my family has such a history with bad hearts, and there are some genetic issues. We do not plan on finding out what we’re having. I called our insurance provider just to make sure this type of ultrasound was covered. It is!

I went in to get my skin checked at a free skin clinic this weekend. Five suspicious moles this time. Sigh. So back in to the skin doctor to get those removed. But speaking of insurance, I might wait until we meet our deductible before I get these cut off… I also want to check to see if this might be covered since it’s preventative care in a strange way. I’m being proactive NOW so these don’t turn into something worse later on.

Symptoms and Cravings
·         Still wearing normal clothes for the most part, but did buy a belly band. My pants don’t button anymore!
·         Major craving for peaches! Love my V8 and oranges and these yummy sorbet things from Costco
·         Red rash still on face
·         Lots and lots of peeing
·         To me, it seems my belly is sitting a little higher this time around
·         VERY TIRED

·         Up to 158 lbs now. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!