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Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly Milestones - week 10

10 weeks postpartum

Jackson is growing so fast and learning so quickly! This week we worked hard on his neck muscles after the Pedetrician told us to be careful or he might develop serious torticollis. On Friday last week I brought out his massive jungle gym and got to work. Every day since Friday we did a minimum of five minutes of tummy time four times a day so Jackson could push himself up and move his neck around. He struggled so much until today! He GOT it!!! He pushed himself up and looked left and squeeling, just exploring. I also laid him on his back so he could swat at all the toys hanging over him. He didn't know what to think at first, but soon he was swatting his hands all over, discovering all the neat toys in front of him.
Lots of tummy time at the Koester house

Working those neck and back muscles!

I think all the tummy time and exercising wears him out. Every night since we've been putting him in his gym, he's slept more than five hours at a time. Some nights he's even slept seven in a row!! I can't even believe it. I keep wondering when we'll go back to four... I pray we're past that. I know...I know... Right.
It's so fun watching him discover objects and sounds
Makes me see how incredibly smart babies are and how fast they pick stuff up!

I'm trying to transition him into his Pack N Play for naps considering we're headed up to Karl's parent's cabin soon. This will be the first time he'll sleep somewhere other than his bassinet and at home. I'm a little nervous and hope he'll be OK. We went up to the cabin for a day a couple weeks ago and he wasn't very good at napping there. I guess we'll see how it goes! I'm trying to get him on a schedule but I know that's nearly impossible when traveling and with him being so young yet. He slept in his Pack N Play for his evening nap yesterday for 30 minutes. That's pretty good considering he usually naps maybe 2 minutes top in there. When he's in his swing, he naps 1-3 hours.

I also know we need to transition him into his nursery soon. I want to do that before I start working so I don't lose too much sleep when I go back to work. This is going to be harder on ME than I thought. I've learned to love him being right there next to me in his bassinet!

We noticed Jackson has started to snuggle with things more and grab shirts and blankets. He loves cuddling up with his burp cloths or squeezing any stuffed toys we put by him. He also likes trying to put them in his mouth. His mouth is totally ready to explore these days. Oh boy.
Loves to cuddle these days

I had my first moment since being a mom where the day seemed to go on forever! And I mean FOREVER. Jackson woke up extra early and only fell back asleep for an hour. We were up quite early. Even after getting back from our 45 minute walk, we had a full day in front of us. The time seemed to inch by and I was so tired from getting up so early. I couldn't WAIT for Karl to get home. I had to pour myself a glass of wine to help me through. Ha! Soooo I had my very first positive thought about going back to work. I know...terrible.

My friend Jill walked over with her girls this morning and we walked to Caribou and Panera. It was so fun to catch up and hang out with her again. I needed that! I wish I had more days like these, but at the same time I'm trying to savor every moment with Jackson because I know once I'm back at work, I won't get all the time in the world with him like I have now.