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Friday, June 22, 2012

Baptism, Shots and Growing - 9 weeks

9 weeks postpartum

So much happened in a week's time! Since last Friday we've had tons of people in and out and had a lot of stuff going on. My head was about to fall off with such little sleep. It's hard to be chipper when you're tired. I have no idea how I'm going to do this once I'm back working.

I don't know if all the busyness and commotion is the reason Jackson decided to continue his short sleeping pattern of only 3 to 4 hour stretches this week. Last night was the first night he slept six hours in awhile. THANK GOD! Granted he woke up at 1:30 (whined and moaned) then drifted back off to sleep and same with at 3:30, but I didn't have to get up to feed him until 5:50. I was the one that actually woke him because he was doing his moaning so loud. His eyes are closed this whole time. This is why I wonder if putting him in his nursery would be a good thing. Anyway...the last time I fed him was 8:45 that night, so I think we're on to something...
Jackson has a new friend!!! He loves his new pal, Winnie!

We had a lot of family around this last week because Jackson had his baptism on Sunday! Before I get to the baptism, my mom and I went to the Shakopee Baby Fair on Saturday. Highly recommended. It was a free event and totally awesome. They had free food, prizes, samples, massages and bags of stuff I will be using for sure. Of course they had the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders there and they were totally drawn to Jackson. How could they not be??

Jackson's Baptism
We had both sides of the family over on Saturday night for a cookout. Whoa...that was a bit crazy and a little hard to enjoy being so tired. I hate being this tired. And I know people have it way worse, but I've always been a person who needs her sleep in order to be all bubbly. But I will say I now know why my mom would get so stressed out before family events. You want everything to turn out and you want everyone to have a good time, and you need to make sure there's enough food and drinks. I hate when I see people sitting by themselves or looking like they are bored. But I kind of felt like a zombie half the time, so I didn't go out of my way to fix any of that. So I just felt bad. I sure need my naps right now and I didn't get any in or any on Friday. The anxiety inside me started to grow.
Jackson did so good! Father...Son and Holy Spirit!

Sunday the festivities began! We met everyone at the church and put Jackson in his special gown. Everyone in the Koester family has been wearing it for years. I think because it was so warm, Jackson fell asleep during most of the worship service. He was so good for us!

We took two classes before the baptism. Building Blocks of Baptism where we watched a movie by Rob Bell called Rain. I cried. It really had meaning to me. I watched it a few years before but this time it really tugged at my heart.
Everyone who came to the baptism!!

Our other meeting took place at our house. Pastor Stephanie came over (at night because she's so awesome) and asked us some questions about baptism and why it's so important to instill faith in Jackson, as well as what our faith goals are for Jackson. We also wrote letters to Jackson describing our hopes and dreams for God's presence in his life. I didn't think his baptism would be so emotional and meaningful, but it was. I want the best for our little boy. It made me realize how important having that faith community is. I want him to have a safe place outside of the home where he knows he can turn to when he's feeling troubled or lost or alone... So many members of the church came up to us welcoming Jackson. That was a really cool feeling. I love our church.

Two Month Checkup
Jackson had his two-month check up on Tuesday morning. I was worried about him getting his shots. There are so many pros and cons out there. I just hope we did the right thing. Thankfully Karl came with so I could lean on him. We had tons of questions for the pediatrician. I especially wanted to know if Jackson was on track with his weight since at the baptism I heard lots of comments that he seemed like he was starving. And everyone kept asking me his weight. I hated that. I don't know why it bothers be so much...maybe because I feel like they are looking at me and judging me. And thinking I'm not good enough. The first week (ok...two) was super tough with getting Jackson to latch on, so I already have confidence issues with his feedings. My anxiety was at an all time high...and throw in a series of sleepless nights and I was wound up so tight. At least Karl's grandpa said Jackson looked really happy and healthy. I almost wanted to hug him!!! This feeding/comments is a whole separate post for another time. I need to work on letting people's comments roll off my back because I know they aren't going to stop. I also learned in my infant class that a lot of these comments come from those who feel as though they've lost control. It makes sense the more I think about it!

At his appointment Jackson was 11 pounds 9.75 ounces. He is right on track for his size. We have nothing to worry about. Phew! Every baby is different. For heavens sake I was 10 pounds at birth. I'm sure my two month check up was a lot different than Jackson's!
Such a good boy! Only cried a little bit from all three shots.

What we do have to worry about is the way Jackson always likes turning his head to the left. There is a little flat spot starting to develop. So this entire week I have been exercising his neck so he's turning it both ways. We've been switching the way he sleeps too. If it doesn't improve by the 4 month visit, we will have to take him to therapy. Even though Karl makes those baby helmets, I do not want him making one for Jackson!
Jackson LOVES turning his head to his left.

Jackson rolling on balls or paper towel rolls helps strengthen his neck muscles

The doctor also gave us a prescription for Omepra because Jackson spits up so much and arches his back and sometimes screams while I burp him. Day two of the meds and he's still spitting up and yelling. So we'll see...

Jackson received three shots (Pentacel, Hep B and PCV7) in his leg (one he bled a lot from since he tensed) and also a liquid drink mix for the Rotavirus.

Later that day, we had a special visitor come from Illinois. My next door neighbor in Illinois since the day he was born, EC, stopped by for a visit. I loved it because we're both first time parents. He gets it. He knows everything I'm going through right now. By the time he left, Jackson had a fever of 100.4. I started to freak out. I gave him some Pedi-Sure to help with his fever and it went down just a couple degrees.
Erik stopped by from Roscoe, Illinois to meet Jackson!

24 hours later and his fever was gone. Phew! I was a nervous wreck. How will I be when he really gets sick????

Jackson's Milestones for the Week
We noticed Jackson likes to hold his pacifier in his mouth! This helps us out because it seems we're washing these things a lot!
Holding down his pacifier

I also shook one of Jackson's toys and put it by his hands. He hooked it in his hand and started moving it around. That was cool to see.
One of his first toys Jackson's played with.

Dad's been wearing the Baby Bjorn around the house and testing Jackson out in the carrier. He lasts for a few minutes but each time it seems like he enjoys it more and more.
Pretty soon dad and Jackson will be able to do the dishes!!!

What I'm Going to Miss
I really enjoy our daily walks. We had a hard time fitting them in this week and I missed them a lot. They help me clear my head. It was too hot and stormy all week and Jackson wasn't sleeping very well during the night so I was getting up later and by then it was way too hot to go out. And there was just too much going on this week with my parents up.
I love our walks around our neighborhood.

I'm just going to miss being with Jackson all day. I'm trying to not think about it and just enjoy each day, but I know it's coming. Sometimes after he eats we'll snuggle and he stares up at me and smiles. Or else he just makes eye contact and I swear he's trying to tell me something. He seems happy. And I don't want to take that security away from him!  Each day gets harder for me to accept that I really am going back to work. There is no way around it.
Dear God. Please don't make my mommy go back to work. Amen.