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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Moving Day - Part I

Just a couple words…

MOVING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Ahh. Now that I got that out of the way, I feel much better. Actually yesterday was a sad day for me. 

Thankfully I have an awesome friend and a husband who brought me back down to earth and knocked some sense into me. What I’m feeling is NORMAL. Change is HARD. I was feeling like a bad mom too because Jackson was at daycare while I was at HOME cleaning. But my friend reminded me that ROUTINE is GOOD for Jackson right now and I didn’t need the added stress of trying to chase him around and keeping him out of all the chemicals I’ve been cleaning with. TRUE. He KNOWS when momma is anxious and stressed. I mean, see photo below. It's IMPOSSIBLE to get anything done with Jackson around. He is all over the place!
It's CRAZY moving with a toddler. CRAZY.

Oh man, the deeper I clean the new house, the more flaws I see. Did we make the right decision?  However, I could look at it the other way. Brand new house and we’d have to spend LOTS of dollars on window treatments, paint, yard, building shelving for pantry, deck, fence, etc., etc. All the things this house already comes with.

This house just needs a little TLC and a facelift!
Jackson LOVES LOVES the backyard and so do we! We FELL IN LOVE with the yard and the privacy in the back.

Up and down the hill he ran. This is what it's about!

I know we made the right choice. It’s just SO many things are happening at once. There isn’t a whole ton of time to reflect, so I automatically think the worst. I’m exhausted and that’s where my brain takes me when I don’t know what else to do. I’m up at 3:30 every morning. I can’t shut my brain off. My body is literally screaming at me to stop. Just a few more days of heavy cleaning and lifting.
We have a lawn!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

I know I’m pregnant. But if anyone knows me, I can’t SIT and WATCH. I’m not built that way. I try. But I can’t. I am a doer. So all this is my own doing and faultJ

Can I just say I'm TOTALLY impressed with Karl?? This guy KNOWS what he's doing. Hooking up a water softener and a washer and dyer, fridge and gas stove. Cleaning out the air conditioning unit. What? I'd never know to do this stuff or how to do it. He's bouncing back and forth from one project to the next. He's AWESOME. We make a killer team. 

I went to Home Depot today and got super excited about all the possibilities. Where the money is coming from to support all these ideas, well, that’s a different story. I’m SUCH a dreamer!

Anyway, when Karl and I first walked into our new house, we loved it. We still do. It’s just now I’m inches away from the floor and I see nail polish stuck to it and the stickers (and OLD FOOD) stuck to the cabinets. Of COURSE these are all easy to remove, but it’s just more work. It’s fine. It’s good for me. I know all the germs are GONE with my bleach obsession. Those toilets though….oh boy. YIKES. I’m ready to purchase all new ones and call it a day. Eesh.

I’m already seeing how my four days of deep cleaning have made a huge difference…and all those BEAUTIFUL new appliances add a lot!!! 
This is what I'm talking about. WHAT IS THIS STUFF and WHAT is it DOING HERE!??!?! BEFORE. 

AN ENTIRE HOUR spent on this. Yes, some stains but HELLO BEAUTIFUL SUSAN:) I figured out how to pull this sucker out all by myself!!! See...moving is good. You see what you're made of!! 

Baby steps.

That’s what I have to tell myself or else I get SUPER overwhelmed. I worry about Jackson and the change on him since he’s been SUCH a great sleeper. Will this continue? Or am I screwing things up on him? He talks daily about the “pink” park and “blue” park and the forklift down the way from us now. This will all change for him. For us. No more walks to DQ or Panera for a quick snack. Gulp. 

But HELLO. NOTHING EVER STAYS the same for long. And I can’t control a lot of these changes. I mean, Jackson loves his grandparents to pieces but we know they won’t be here forever. How will he handle that? SEE. WAY worse things to think about.

With that said, I’m going to try to STAY positive–dust bunnies and all–and keep on going. Every time I walk into the new house, I feel like it’s MORE and MORE ours. We haven’t officially moved in but will soon. It’s a weird transition right now and I’m ready for us to get settled in.
This was after cleaning THREE fans. Just three. Do I mention I did two sets of blinds and the water was just as bad?? 

WHAT HAPPENED HERE!??!?!?! I think it started to GROW INTO the furnace... And grew some fur... 

Just about the time we have everything put away in this new house, ANOTHER HUGE change is coming our way. And I know that. I feel that. And that’s what freaks me out. I know I’m headed for another couple years of tough stuff. The baby phase is just tough on me. I know this. Maybe not AS tough now that I know what to expect, but two Jackson’s running around???

Holy smokes. I have ME to thank for that. Damn endless energy!


See ya in the new house!!