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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week in Review - 17.5 Months

Super fun, but fast week.
A LOT going on but we still managed to survive with lots of smiles! That's always a successful week in my mind.  I've started to get the hang of Karl working his longer hours. I know. Just 17 months LATER. WHEW. What a journey this has been. Or maybe I've finally accepted it? Ha.

I hope that when we start trying for Baby #2 and then baby arrives, maybe Karl will be able to get home by a reasonable time during the weeknights AND be home more on the weekends? Lots of hope here. Don't laugh, but I can't help and think that perhaps it'll feel more like a vacation to me with two kids because he'll be around more?? Am I dreaming here? Just comforting to think this even though that would be a perfect world and well, we don't live in that trype of world all the time, do we? He, he.

I still send out my positive energy that things WILL change for the GOOD! A good attitude and positive thinking really DOES work wonders.

I was talking to our neighbor and she was saying that even if her hubby is home (but busy doing other things), it still FEELS like her family is complete. I agree. It's just nice KNOWING Karl is there when he is.

I never knew things would be the way they are - with him working so much - but I keep telling myself maybe the outcome will be worth it. And NOTHING stays the same for long. I think we're living in a world where we expect things right away and need things to be perfect right away. And they aren't always that way. We have to work hard to get there. OR maybe things are actually pretty darn good but we're so focused on the negatives that we forget about the bigger picture or even the good that is sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF US?

I've been reading a lot about being GRATEFUL for what we do have. Karl and I really do have a lot and I'm focusing on that. I mean, I can't help but squeeze him to pieces when I see him. I love the man to death. AND I always go back to our health. I am VERY grateful for our health!! VERY. VERY. VERY.

Anyway, enough babble... here is our week in pictures!

Daycare drop off was worth it when I was able to pick up Jackson's photos!

Friday was a bit cool and rainy but we made a morning trip out to the Apple Orchard in Jordan, Minnesota. SO MUCH FUN! Only cost $20 for a BIG bag of apples. Eesh!
Jackson loved picking the apples and eating them. He also enjoyed eating them off the ground.
We took a tractor ride around the apple farm and came across the largest tractor EVER! Jackson was in heaven!

Jackson loved the goats
The guinea hens kept playing around with Jackson
Karl and I FINALLY ran a 5K TOGETHER!!!! I was SO excited!!! The 5K was for his company. We ran together the whole time and ran in 33 minutes. Pretty good for a guy who ONLY trained three times before the race!
I was so inspired during the race! Lots of Hanger patients shared their stories and then RAN with their prosthesis! AMAZING! I'm PROUD of Karl for being so passionate about his career and helping others... With that said, I guess all those hours are worth it just to bring someone else HOPE and a BETTER LIFE!

My parents are up visiting so that meant SHOPPING with my mom. Of course I needed a NEW pair of running shoes for the race! I was torn between these two. There are SUCH fun shoes out there right now! These are at Kohl's ON SALE and I had a 30% off coupon! SCORE! Thanks MOM!
My church sent me this picture! Jackson and I are trying to make church every week. VERY important to ME! It's been great for the both of us! WE LOVE JESUS:)

Crazy Uncle Mike comes too when he's around!

See you all next week!