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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top Baby Items We're Still Using Four Months In - Month 4

week 17 postpartum

(at Four Months)

I wanted to write a quick recap of the baby items we're still using on a regular basis for those out there registering or contemplating what items they *really* need, and this is also for myself when we have another baby:) I wanted to also compare it to my other post a couple months ago and see if there were any big changes.

1. Chicco Keyfit 30
I can't say enough good things about this car seat. It's so easy to take in and out of the car - one quick snap. It's so simple to buckle Jackson in and out. And it's easy to adjust. I LOVE this car seat and would recommend it over and over again.

2. BOB Stroller (and the Chicco adapter)
I'll admit it - I was kind of scared of strollers. The two we received for our shower sat open in the middle of our living room for months because Karl was trying to "remind" me in the nicest way possible that I would have to teach myself how to fold them up. Or else! So they sat. And sat.

Now... well, I'm trying to go on as many walks as I can fit in. The BOB stroller has been so easy to fold up and throw in my trunk too when we travel. All I have to do is snap in the Chicco adapter (this can stay in when I fold up too) and click in the car seat! What was I so scared of?

3. Bottles
I heard stories of babies NOT taking well to the bottle once they start daycare and being very particular about which bottle they like. Thankfully Jackson has taken to pretty much any bottle, but still manages to guzzle down his meal in under 8 minutes. When I went to the Shakopee Baby Fair in June, I took home two free Similac bottles. I like these a lot - maybe because they were free, but I think they look cool too. They are really easy to clean and hold as well. I also received a coupon for more, and since Jackson is now eating 5 oz each time at home care, I needed to get the bigger bottles.

Secondly, I use the Medela bottles that came with my pump during the week. I pump into the bottles because the numbers are more exact then the Medela bags ever were and they are easy to transport in the black cooler bag.

4. Breast milk bags
I still need bags for my milk when I get home. I dump my milk for the day in Lansinoh bags and stick in the freezer. They are bigger and I feel like I can write more information on them. For some reason I feel more organized using these bags. Weird, I know. They just seem to store nicer too.

5. Breast pump and parts and hands-free bra
I use my Medela pump ALL the time with my hands-free bra - three times a day at work and usually on Wednesday nights when I go play volleyball. I bought extra parts so I wouldn't have to clean as much. I have no idea how women breastfed back in the day with a hand pump. Though it was $250, it was WAY worth it.

6. Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym
We use this Deluxe Gym ALL the time. Jackson is now moving and rolling all over the place in it and swatting at the toys, reaching for them, pulling at them. He gets so excited in this thing and kicks and wiggles like crazy. Now he smiles and giggles.

7. Gerber Diapers (for burp cloths)
We received a lot of cute burp cloths during our showers. With such a drooly kid who spits up a lot, we can never have enough. However, we learned quickly which burp cloths absorb the most. A lot of them would just deflect the spit up so it'd hit the floor, or trickle onto us. We LOVE using the Gerber diapers as burp cloths, but they have to be the super thin material. I think it's called birdseye. These absorb the best for us. Also...Jackson LOVES these - he thinks of them as a blanket. He's always snuggling with them. It's cute.

8. Crib and changing station
We were going to register for a cheap(er) crib at Target...until my mom found one at The Baby Depot. I liked it a lot and then discovered Babies R Us sold it too. We ended up buying it. We didn't use it for three whole months but I love that the changing station is hooked to the crib. We've been using this since day one. Every time Jackson needs a changing, we bring him to the crib. I also like it because it has straps. Jackson is rolling everywhere and we make sure to buckle him in.

Jackson slept so great in the crib his first night. Now, he'll wake up crying because his arms will poke through the railings or his legs. Or his head will be smashed against them. I hate that!!! He is moving like a trooper. Thinking this little guy will be crawling soon.

9. Mobile (over crib)
The Fisher Price Discover n' Grow mobile we got isn't anything crazy fancy but Jackson LOVES it. He will stare at it and fall asleep. I love the soft music it plays.

10. Video monitor
I wasn't sure how much we'd be using this since Jackson slept in our bedroom the first three months. Now, we use it all the time when we put him down for the night or for naps. His nursery is literally maybe ten steps from our room and I'm pretty sure I can hear him the minute he whines, monitor or not, but the monitor helps ease my anxiety. Jackson's a belly sleeper and that makes me a little nervous. The noises he makes do wake me up some nights because of the monitor, but I'll move it to the floor in the wee hours of the night. I can't help but get curious how he's laying throughout the night and will peek every now and then. This kid is a mover and shaker.

11. Aden and Anais Swaddlers
We stopped swaddling Jackson at night two weeks after we moved him into his crib. He seemed to get annoyed with having his arms tucked in. We continued to swaddle his bottom half and freed his arms. Now he just sleeps in his jammies, but I like these swaddlers for blankets and for a thinner cover over his car seat if we go on walks so I can shield him from the sun! It's still pretty warm out right now and I feel like he can get air through these blankets...and they make for great emergency burp cloths.

12. Crunchy books and Goodnight Moon
Jackson loves the noises from his crunchy books and will play with these for awhile. Every single night we read Goodnight Moon to him. It's part of the night routine. And it seems to be working!

13. Hand toys, rattlers, things to suck on
I finally busted out Jackson's toys a week after his 3 month birthday and would set them around his jungle gym mat. Now, he's rolling over to pick them up. He's sticking them in his mouth. He's chewing on them. He's throwing them around. He's staring at them. Fun to watch!

14. Fave Diapers
Pampers and Costco brand are our faves right now. We tried a generic brand from CUB - no way - total leak central (poop everywhere) and Huggies seemed to fail us for some reason (pee shot through the side). I've also learned to tuck the lil guy in so there's no more accidents - seems like he has a history of peeing out the side of his shirt. We're also not going through the diapers as much. I'm not spastic if there's a blue pee line anymore - I don't change immediately.

15. Munchkin Arm and Hamer Diaper Pail
Still using this diaper pail to toss our diapers in and seems to work great! No smells. And we only have to take the bags out and down to the garage once a week now that Jackson is at home care during the week.

16. My brestfriend
I still use this all the time. I love love love it. I think it makes feeding time comfortable for the both of us.

17. Vitamin D drops
Since I'm b-feeding, I was told to give Jackson 1ML of Vitamin D every day. So I have been.

18. Easy/accessible clothes
You learn fast that cute clothes aren't so cute if they mean reaching the diaper will take longer than two minutes. I also discovered pajamas with millions of buttons down the front with booties are driving me crazy. At 3:00 a.m. when Jackson is crying in his sleep as I try to change him, all the while trying to flip over, getting his legs and feet back in the booties and then snapping a million buttons becomes really frustrating!!! I love onsies that have three snaps at the bottom. Bam. Done.

19. Whale bathtub
We give Jackson a bath every other night or every third night. We use his whale tub in the guest tub and it seems to work great. Jackson LOVES splashing around in it. I can't wait to take him swimming.

20. Baby Bjorn
I will admit...I don't use this (I need to learn) but Karl does a LOT and our homecare uses this every day as well. HE LOVES THIS!!!!!!!! I need to get it down so I can start bringing him to the grocery store in it. He loves being able to look around and explore the world.

What are you using over and over again?