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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jackson is 3 Months Old - 13 Weeks

13 weeks postpartum

Jackson turned 3 months old during week 13. And I went back to work. Ugh! I'm saving a separate post for the going back to work deal...
I'm 3 Months Old!

Let’s start off with the positives!

We got back from our trip to Illinois. Jackson did wonderful again in the car. He practically slept the whole time in his car seat, which made me worried we’d have a rough night. Nope! He slept a good 6/7 hours for us. He’s just the best.
Such a champ in the car!

Tuesday Jackson and I had to take Karl’s car in to get the oil changed. Plus, the darn Sonata decided not to start for us in my parent’s driveway. Maybe there was a reason for that, but 20 minutes later, it started. Phew! Though part of me wished it broke down so we didn't have to come back and I'd have to push starting work off another week. I found out there was an issue with the brake and electrical signal. Jackson was so great at the dealer – everyone kept coming up to me saying how great he was. He sure makes his mom proud! No nap for him though.

After the car appointment, we stopped by our homecare provider’s house. I was a little nervous because I could feel change tickling the back of my neck all morning, but I knew I needed to see how Jackson would interact with her three kids. Jackson was fussy by this time we arrived because he  went the whole morning without a nap, and he was starting to get hungry. But Jenna was a PRO! Her kids gave Jackson kisses and were SO SWEET!! I was able to see firsthand how things would be and a HUGE calm came over me. We have been SO fortunate to have found Jenna. I know Jackson will be in good hands. And that makes me feel a trillion times better. Does it make things easier? No. I still wish I could be with him all the time.

Wednesday was another busy day of chiropractor appointments and our final ECFE class. I was so sad to leave. I almost cried when I said goodbye and thanked the teacher. I love all the moms I’ve met! And I love all the topics we discuss every week. I'm able to be open and know these women totally understand. And I really like learning the songs and singing them to Jackson throughout the day! It’s funny how all the memories I had as a kid with some of the songs flood back!! Itsy Bitsy Spider. The Wheels on the Bus. Yeah, I know you’re remembering these songs too!!

We again discussed co-parenting and the role of fathers (or at least a father figure). I love talking about stuff like this. We also talked about the high divorce rate and how we really have to work at communicating and being on the same page. It’s SO interesting to realize all the effects parents and their relationship with one another have on their children. Kids are SOOO smart detecting stuff. I just want to make sure Jackson is always in a happy environment. Some of the BEST advice I received during one of my baby showers is for me and Karl to love one another... Jackson will take notice.

My parents came up Wednesday night because Thursday was my big day back to work. I played volleyball Wednesday night and was so out of it because I kept thinking about going back to work. I thought I would start on a Thursday and have my parents up to ease into things and so I could see how things go with them. I was getting picture texts and updates from them every 30 minutes!! I loved it.

The negatives: I went back to work. But that post is coming!

Milestones for this week:
During ECFE class, I put Jackson on his tummy on a blue blanket and there was a green bowl in front of him. He worked his way toward the bowl and reached for it!
Also, when we put Jackson on his mat under his jungle gym on his belly, he'll turn himself in a complete circle. It's fun to watch.
My mom and Karl's dad have both said they think Jackson is going to get teeth sooner than later. He drools like crazy. And Karl's dad stuck his finger in his mouth and thinks he felt teeth coming through. We'll see!
My mom also said Jackson rolled over from his stomach to his back. He did this a couple times for us a few weeks back, but only when his arm is tucked under him. His arm was sort of tucked under him when my mom saw him flip. But I can tell he'll be doing this more and more.
My mom said she could tell Jackson felt like someone was missing and he'd fuss a lot. I hate that. I just want him to continue living up his life and being happy. This being away from him is HARD!