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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Want to Join Me for Coffee?

Good to see you!! Thanks for joining me for coffee again. 

Although, I’m trying to get more water versus coffee, I always notice when I don’t get enough water the right side of my face starts to break out more and I get more leg cramps at night. So chugging water over here. My husband always laughs at me anyway when I say I'm going to have coffee because it's about 5 sips worth. have things been going for you?

If we were having coffee, this is what I’d say …

I’d let you know I talked to my mom yesterday and she goes in for more surgery next week Thursday. She met with a new female surgeon who also talked to my mom’s cardiologist down the hall so they are on the same page. My mom felt great about that visit. The surgeon plans to go in and remove even more tissue and the positive margins that were on the lump (that weren’t marked by the first surgeon) and then start with removing 3 lymph nodes. If there are signs of cancer in those, they will keep testing and removing lymph nodes until there is no sign of cancer in the last node. It sounds like there are about 30 lymph nodes in the breast? I'm learning as we go too! She will have a large dent in her breast that will fill with water and then she will have options of what she wants to do depending how things come back. I continue to be positive and visualize the sun filling her body every day and melting away and “dark” areas.

I’d let you know about Nathan and how he is extremely clingy right now. He hangs on to me for dear life. He’ll walk away for a few, play and runs back and snuggles up into me. It is quite sweet because he is SO miniature and cuddly, but that sure makes dinner time or doing much of anything productive tough. The spaces where his eye teeth will be coming in are swollen so we know what's on the horizon soon. He’s back to waking with screams during the night. His latest obsession is with light switches. He likes everything but his toys. He loves his winter hat and walking around with it and his jacket. He pulls out everyone’s shoes and then puts them all back, or hides them. And he is my chocolate lover. He can’t get enough. It’s a true obsession and I think I ate too much when I was pregnant with him. Oops.

I’d let you know that after a week of hanging out with my dad, Jackson started singing Polish. He shocked my dad when he walked downstairs and sang and recited the entire song my dad sang to him in Polish the day before. This kid is a sponge. He is hilarious and is ALL BOY. We talk about anatomy often. He’s asking a LOT of questions. Oh, and because Nathan’s latest obsession is light switches, Jackson's obsession is ...ummm....light switches! He was even put in a timeout because he switched off the lights at daycare.  The other day I told him how frustrated I was with how my day was going. I groaned out loud. And he says this, 

Jackson: “Mom. Why are you so frustrated?”

Me: “Nothing seems to be going the way I planned so I’m frustrated. I worked really hard and things aren’t falling into place.”

Jackson: “Oh.”

Me: “What should I do? What do you do when you’re frustrated?”

Jackson: “I pray to God. You should do that and he will take your mad away.”

POOF. Frustrations gone. Who is this kid and how did we get so lucky?

I’d let you know that I did a really hard thing. I booked my trip for Leadership Training in L.A. for Beachbody coaching. Because I ended the year as a Premiere Coach, I was invited to this trip. I just wasn’t sure how to present it to Karl. I knew I had to break a pattern I was creating of always saying "NO" to these amazing trips I was earning, but change is hard and leaving my kids is pretty much a no-go for this girl. I know doing the hard thing brings really good things. BUT the guilt was eating at me. I already feel guilty when I have to leave my kids for work. 

This is a HUGE deal though. I can't pass it up. And soooo...I did it. 

The last time I have gone anywhere without kids was when I was pregnant with Jackson (so I guess I was with child) and we went to Vegas over 4 years ago. Most of the time I slept though because I was so tired.

Anyway, I was SO nervous asking Karl if I could go. Would he laugh? Would he roll his eyes? Would he be frustrated with me? I have worked SO hard in my business as a health and fitness coach and earned this trip. And I know if I want to grow, I have to go. I have to do the hard thing. The thing that makes me so uncomfortable I want to jump out of my skin.

But all of a sudden he saw the Tiffany earrings come in, then the flowers, then my quarterly bonus check, then the recognition and me being announced on stage. He saw me jumping up and down and the passion oozing through every being of my body. He started to pay attention. 

With a dry mouth and a million nerves, I shared with him how important this was for me…for US and our future. I switched kid’s appointments around, made sure I stocked the freezer with easy to make foods and soon I booked the flights and hotel. I am so exited to go but so scared too. I can’t wait to be a sponge and soak up EVERYTHING I learn and apply it in my business and share with the leaders on my team. And I already can't wait to see my kids. Oh, and Karl too:) 

And then I booked our trip for Punta Cana in 2017 because as a Premiere coach I get to register early. I've had a lot of people ask about coaching so I'm running a One HOUR Sneak Peek into coaching right on Facebook. Fill this out and I'll get you in on Sunday evening. It's a great place to ask questions and learn more about coaches and see how other busy people are able to do this from all walks of life! 
I’d let you know that I’ve been doing a lot of goal setting and simplifying of my life. Sometimes my head spins with all that goes on, but once I get things down on paper and split out by quarter, I can stay focused on my goals and keep moving forward, rather than feeling stuck and doing nothing because there is so much going on! I work hard and early so when it comes to my family, I can spend time focusing on them and being present. They are my everything!.

I’d let you know that I’m in week two of Hammer and Chisel and feeling awesome. I seriously love this workout. I was telling my challenge group that the latest workout felt like I was back playing volleyball again warming up before a big game, just 30 minutes more. I can definitely see and feel changes in my body and energy levels!  I’m not going to lie though, I sure do love the “recover” day.  My next online bootcamp starts February 1 and I'm looking for a few more people to transform their bodies and lives! Register here