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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Telling Friends and Family - Month 3

Sharing the Good News

This is the best part!!! Now I see why people want to share the news right away! It's so hard to keep it in. And I think for those who do, that's awesome because you have tons of people cheering for you, ready to pray and catch you if anything should happen along the way. It's so much fun to see people's reactions. Every one's is different, of course, but I can't help and smile when people share such kind words with us!!

We gave the blessing to our parents that they could share the news with their friends and family this weekend as long as nobody posted anything on Facebook. I need to get to work first. The calls and texts messages started coming in, which has been really cool. I love to hear the excitement in every one's voices. This is going to be fun!

Karl and I went to church this morning. It's been many many weeks since we've been. It's been hard for me to get up early on Sundays, but for some reason this morning I could do it. And thanks to Pastor Stephanie for sending me a text to make sure I was coming. I needed that extra push! Plus, I knew I had to tell the organist Karen! I was missing her hugs anyway. Karen was pumped and it felt good to get it out. Church always seems to add an extra step of goodness in my whole week. I feel so lucky Karl and I have a place to go that feels a little like home. Like our second family is waiting for us. Where else can someone go and get a hug as soon as they walk through the door? (Thanks John!!!) Today, I feel really good about baby...the future. We need to start showing up more!

I couldn't help but think about baby Koester's baptism and him/her singing in the children's choir and getting his/her Bible blessed. What will he or she participate in? Will he or she be one of those kids who are overly animated up front or will they stand there scared out of their mind? It's fun to think about. I am so so thankful for our church and the people there, and for the sense of community it brings every time we walk through those doors. Instant connection. Love it.

We're headed for a nature walk because it's gorgeous today. I love getting fresh air and just spending time together. Just trying to enjoy every moment and every day because there are always changes coming and there are a lot more about to hit us. Every one keeps hinting that our marriage and relationship will change once baby comes. But instead of worrying about how it'll be, or what could happen, I'm just going to enjoy today and what's going on right now.

Thanks for your excitement!!! It really means a lot.

Telling My Grandparents and Visiting Parents - Month 3

written Sunday, September 18, 2011
week 9

This week I've been feeling really great. Finally! I'm not sure if it's because I was able to see the ultrasound on Monday and actually see that there was indeed a baby growing inside me and hear from the doctor that it was natural to feel the way I've been feeling, or what? But I really do feel like myself again. Thank you God!!! I was getting pretty worried there.

Wednesday night Karl and I left work (late)...both of us had real bad days but pushed the bull aside, shoved food down, packed and hopped in our car. We didn't leave until 6:40 and I knew that meant we wouldn't get to gpa and gma's until way past their bedtime. Rats. Another day of waiting to tell them our good news. As we pulled up their long driveway, everything was dark. We crawled into bed and couldn't wait to tell them in the morning.

Grandma, me and Grandpa Powalish
Both Karl and I woke up early and realized it was freezing out. I saw on Twitter most of Minnesota tied for a record low and there was frost in Wild Rose, Wisconsin. We walked in the kitchen and got our hugs and I handed grandma an ultrasound picture.

"What is this?" She studies it.

I look at grandpa sitting at the kitchen table and he has a gleam in his eyes. "I'm pregnant." I smile.

"Really?" Grandma squeals and grandpa smiles. She squeezes me and grandpa stands up and walks over to Karl.

"Congratulations you big buck, you."

We laugh and all hug again. The moment is real special and my grandma looks at the picture again. "Oh, Christie. This is great news! Oh! The baby is in a heart! Look!" She points and she's right. The space around baby is definitely shaped as a heart, which only makes me smile bigger.

We sit down and talk more about baby and grandpa cuts in. "I'm shocked!"

I giggle.

"I thought you said you weren't ready?"

"Will I ever be ready?" I ask.
Grandma, Karl and Grandpa Powalish - lots of love there!!!
Throughout the day we talk about it more and have a real nice time. Grandpa tries bribing us to stay longer but we tell them my parents are dying to see us and we have to go home. They can't wait to hear from them on Sunday. We leave around 3:30 to see mom and dad. The trip with gpa and gma was really really special and grandpa mentioned he now has to stick around for sure to see baby born. Yeah! He turns 85 on Thursday.

We arrive to Roscoe and mom and dad are very excited to see us. We show them ultrasound pictures and give them two to hang on their refrigerator. I can tell they are excited - my dad is talking a mile a minute. My mom can't wipe the smile off her face.

So far the trip has been wonderful. Karl's golfed with my dad. I went to the Apple Orchard with my mom. We've cleaned the basement and introduced my parents to Craigslist - how their junk can become someone else's treasures. We've eaten really good. I've gone shopping with mom. This really has been such a great time and I so wish we lived closer. It's so nice to get spoiled like this.  Our baby is going to be one lucky grand baby and great-grand baby!!!