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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jackson at 16 Months - Month 16.5

Time is cruising.  


Mr. Jackson at 16.5 months

I realized I only have a couple days left before Jackson turns 17 months and I haven’t written much for month 16. Whoops! Can you tell we are having a BLAST? We are!   

This mom stuff is fun. I'm being serious here. I never knew how much time I spent looking forward to the “next thing” coming up in my life until I had Jackson. I was always so focused on trips or work or writing or planning things. Jackson has taught me to enjoy the moment we are in NOW.  Like get down and play. Push everything else aside and throw a ball. Read a book. Chase each other around the house. Wait 35 minutes for him to walk down the stairs. Just BE.  

We spent over an hour collecting stones at this school.

We play a TON. I’m ZONKED by the end of the day. It is GO-GO-GO. There is NO sitting. The night I actually get to sit is Thursday when I watch Project Runway. That is it. It feels like my TREAT day:) I love Thursdays! 

Typical weekend day goes like this:

·         Mom up around 6 a.m.

·         Laundry started and going

·         Coffee brewing (one of my favorite parts)

·         Toys cleaned up, kitchen cleaned up and breakfast cooking

·         Either I shower OR try to fit in a morning run (I find I have more energy if I get a run in first)

·         Jackson up between 6:45-7:30

·         Breakfast

·         Play inside a little bit until things are cleaned up in the kitchen

·         Walk to a park and play

·         Walk back and play inside or outside the house

·         Lunch

·         Nap

·         Walk/Run/Bike to a park and play

·         Play by the house

·         Snack

·         Might go for another walk to the park. Or trip to grocery store.

·         Dinner

·         Play in the house

·         Bath with dad while I clean up

·         Books and prayer

·         Sleep

·         Either I go workout if I haven’t yet or will enjoy a glass of wine.


Can you see why I’m scared for the winter? Where the heck are we going to run around outside with all that snow and COLD???  I'm going to have to get creative.

Right before he dove in the puddle

Jackson is learning SO much too this month.  

I feel like 16 months is when Jackson’s vocabulary really started to take off. Sometimes I don’t even know how he remembers things but he does. For instance, on his way down the stairs this morning with Karl, he pointed to the light switch and said, “lights”.  

Here are a few others things Jackson says:

1.       My brother Mike was over for dinner and counted out Jackson’s watermelon pieces. He started with one and Jackson quickly said, “two”, just like that. How???

2.       Speaking of watermelon, Jackson says, “wa-wamelon”.

3.       He’ll say “wa-wa” for water.

4.       He says, “booberries”.

5.       He can say “lawn mower” clear as day.

6.       He loves saying “ball” and he totally loves throwing balls around ALL DAY. LOVES IT.

7.       He’s working on please and thank you. I know he’s saying them but for anyone else it’s a little bit hard to hear.

8.       He loves to sweep. My mom bought him his own broom set so he loves pointing to his “broom”. He loves saying that.

9.       My mom said “aye-ye-ye” the other day and Jackson repeated. So funny.

10.   Right now fish sounds like “pssss”.

11.   Jackson and I really work on our prayers at night and I’ve made sure I’ve talked a lot about Jesus and God. When Karl was changing Jackson he accidently said…”Jeeeeezzzzz-US!” Guess who said that back?

12.   He will say the color “blue”.

13.   My father in law started Jackson on the color “purple” for the Vikings. Go Bears!

14.   My in-law’s dog’s name is Kacey and my brother and sis in law’s dog’s name is Kacey. Jackson LOVES dogs. He says “Kacey” SO cute!!!  Melt your heart cute.

Jackson's obsession


Waiting for the bus with dad at my parent's house in Illinois

I know there are more but these are what I can remember him saying.

It's a bird. It's a plane.'s SUPERMAN!
Being "careful" on the fish!

We spend HOURS at the splashpads!

Pure joy!

Dad's time with Jackson!

As for Jackson’s loves right now:

·         He loves balls. Loves them. He loves throwing them in the house too. We save the soft ones for inside, but a hard one will sneak through! Did I mention he only throws backwards?? But REALLY good backwards.

·         Loves pushing his lawn mower

·         Loves getting in those big cars (they have a couple at daycare. All the ladies say he’s obsessed. Even the teachers from other rooms.)

·         Loves helping! I shook out one of our rugs and right behind me was Jackson grabbing the other rug and taking it outside. I spill something and he’s running for the towel and wiping things up. He’s incredible

·         Loves going down the slides and getting shocked (as in touching my finger to his so he gets a little zap)

·         He loves making car noises and just watching cars and trucks

·         He is slightly obsessed with school buses so Fridays are the BEST at home. He gets so excited when all the buses go by the house.

·         Jackson loves oatmeal right now! Yay! He also can’t get enough of cooked carrots, corn on the cob, and watermelon. He very much loves frozen blueberries too. Not fresh. Frozen.

·         He also wants to be a big guy. When he sees mommy drinking out of her coffee mug, he drinks out of his thermos.

·         LOVES water. He will find a sprinkler and jump through. He’ll lick up puddles. He’ll run through splashpads. He’ll dive in pools. He’s fearless around water.

·         He loves music. He’ll stop and dance. So cute. He’s been GREAT in church too. It feels so good to be back. Ahhhh.
      Jackson will stop to smell the flowers:) He's teaching mom a LOT about this. And she needs it!


 More on our summer FAVES coming soon!