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Friday, December 5, 2014

Six Weeks with Two - 1 Month

6-Weeks Postpartum

Whoa. I blink and the weeks fly by. A lot is going on (like always) but the boys are great. I had my six-week postpartum visit and everything checked out great.
My sweet boys bonding

Jackson showing Nathan all his trucks and their smoke stacks

So proud of myself. I have FINALLY taught myself how to use the Baby Bjorn (yes, I know it doesn't distribute baby's weight as good as others). I DID IT!!!!! I HAD to this time around. I need both hands!

The tough part is always getting on the scale during doctor's appointments. I'm still hovering around the same weight from my 25 pound weight loss after Nathan was born (only lost one pound since then) and I know the reason for that: chocolate, beer, wine, snacks. Akk! They are way too available. And way too delicious. Tis the season!
Working on that belly!
When I do drink, I try to make it as healthy as possible. FRESH raspberries and lime juice with Gin

Just a half a glass. Hey, it's organic!! :) 

I love being a Health Coach. Look at the cool stuff I get! I LOVE new workouts!!!

First time away from everyone (other than the grocery store) and first time running a couple miles!!! I LOVED IT!

I love this after a workout! Full of vitamins and superfoods!!

When I workout, Nathan works out! TUMMY TIME!

My healthy contribution to Thanksgiving!

Deadly mix. SO GOOD!!!!

I was able to try the brand new Insanity Max 30 before it was launched. I LOVED IT!!! I sweated like crazy!

T25 is my new workout and I LOVE it!!!

Nathan is doing great. He's growing (said goodbye to his newborn clothes and hello to size one diapers). He's smiling a ton and cooing. Love that. He loves looking around and lifting his head up. He can stand for a little while (if we're holding him of course) - those little legs are getting stronger. He's a great baby. Calm and happy. He will fuss but I will either feed him, change his diaper (he can't stand sitting in his poop) or give him a pacifier to suck on. He is a very gassy baby. Probably my diet... too many veggies?? He does NOT like being in a car seat. Give it about 2 minutes and he poops right away. It's a given. He's up like clockwork during the night. Loves to greet us around 2:30 every morning. He'll go down right away but sometimes he'll get up around 4 or 5 again for a little bit or stay sleeping until around 6:45. I will take it. This guy has the craziest poops ever though. They are VERY loud and VERY explosive. Have to love boys!

Jackson is doing much better. Those first three weeks were challenging on him. I feel like these most recent weeks have been challenging for me more than anyone because I'm around them the most. Jackson loves to repeat himself and will try over and over to get away with earning treats. I caved a bunch of times while I was nursing Nathan the first few weeks because I was feeling bad my attention wasn't always on Jackson and so I gave him treats. FAIL. Not good. Now Jackson will whine until he gets what he wants. Problem is, I don't want to give him treats. So we usually have a meltdown and somedays I don't have it in me to deal with those.

Jackson loves to sing. Always. I sneezed this morning and he turned it into a song. It was super cute. He is also very curious about male and female anatomy and who has what parts. So his new song was "Grandma has a peeeeee-nis!" I died. And he is scared of smoke detectors. They are too loud.

He loves his brother though. He is an amazing helper and kisses and hugs Nathan whenever he can. He had no problem body slamming him the other day too. True sibling love. I'm in trouble.

Best ever. From Target. Keeps him busy!

Jackson's snake baby

Had a little rash on his face. Put Aquaphor on it. Did the trick!

Yesterday, I was racing around trying to get Jackson to daycare on time. I didn't put the sausage on his waffle right so he cried. Nathan pooped as soon as I put him in his carseat and Jackson peed ALL over the floor in the bathroom because both of us turned to look at Nathan since his poops are SO loud. Jackson started crying. Nathan started crying. I had wet hair that turned to ice once I stepped outside. We were out of cream for our coffee. Nathan screamed all throughout Target. Just not a good day. Nathan didn't nap all day. My work wanted me to complete this video for their Christmas Party and I just didn't have the time to put into it. I have a pile of Christmas cards waiting to be addressed...not to mention the Thank Yous I need to send out to everyone. My head was about to pop off, but I knew tomorrow would be better.

Baby Nathan and brand new cousin Hadley!!! So sweet!

My sweet boys!

Grandma Cindy and Nathan

The Hat Boys

Building a tower with Uncle Mark

Do I need a caption?


Thanksgiving dinner made by dad!

Celebrating the feast!

Aunt Amy and Nathan

Smily Nate. Had bad cradle cap but we put on baby oil, left on for a bit, combed through and then washed. GONE!
Painting pink room gray

And today has been great! Whew. That is motherhood for you. One day you can dominate the entire world. The next you feel like the world is on top of you smooshing you to pieces.

Anyway...check out all the pics of what we've been up to! Good stuff!