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Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Funday!

It's Friday! And we know what that means... Time to update the world on my crazy thoughts for the week!

1. Basilica Block party
I have never been but Karl and I were determined to go the minute we found out Weezer was going to be there. Karl is in the Weezer Fan Club, and has been since 1997. He's sort of infatuated with Weezer. As I type this, Karl's favorite Weezer t-shirt proudly hangs in his car so everyone can see how big of a fan he is. Weezer was my sixth CD ever (Meatloaf was my first), and I feel like I owe them for bringing rad music into my life.

2. Microsoft Outlook
What is so scary about Microsoft Outlook? I don't know either. If you had the opportunity to use and learn it so you could simplify your work schedule, don't you think you would? I could type a book on this. But I also don't feel like getting fired.

3. Closer to 50
I'm not talking about age here. I'm talking about the 50 states!!! When I first met Karl, we talked a lot about Arkansas. We weren't sure why, other than his dad was there hunting and Karl's calendar was flipped to a picture of beautiful Arkansas. I was surprised how pretty is was. Travel has been a huge part of my life, Karl's too. In 2008 we traveled down to Arkansas and Karl proposed at the Murfreesboro Diamond Mines on the MOST perfect day; that day was the best day of my life. I would be spending the rest of my life with the perfect man [for me]!

This week we bought tickets for another adventure! Karl and I will be flying into San Francisco for a week-long trip. We plan to visit Alcatraz, the Golden Gate and maybe even snap a few pictures by DJ, Stephanie and Michelle Tanners' house (Full House)! We'll head north to Napa Valley and then drive our rented car along the Oregon and Washington coast. We plan to hit up a Twins' game at Seattle too before we fly back. I am so excited. We are celebrating our one year anniversary with another adventure!! After our trip, I will have visited 33 states and Karl will have 35 under his belt. We're getting there! All 50 states is the goal!

4. My book
I'm on chapter eight of my book! Yeah, me!! I have never in my life typed anything over 50 pages. I am now on page 84. I can only imagine how I'm going to feel after I type in the last period on page 333 and click save. I love this book so much. I started going back to chapter one, then two and then three. Not a good idea. Then I started doubting myself. I need to remember: write from the heart first and then edit later. It really helps!

5. Salt and lunch meat
I don't like lunch meat.
A. There are nasty nitrates in the meat.
B. It is extremely salty.
For example, I had Subway this week and two hours later my fingers, legs, ankles and feet were majorly swollen. Then last night we needed to eat the last of the lunch meat from the cabin and I couldn't even get my rings off my finger. Gross. My body obviously is trying to tell me NOT to eat it. If doctors don't want pregnant women eating this stuff, then why do non-pregnant people still eat it? Convenience! I was happy I didn't have to cook, but I'd rather choose my health! No more lunch meat for me! Sorry Karl.

That's about it for this week. Everyone have a nice weekend!

"There's something beautiful about finding one's innermost thoughts in another" - Oliver Schreiner

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