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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Book Store

Today I went to one of my favorite places - Barnes and Noble. I love this place because it's full of great stories written by successful writers - hopeful writers like me, but who have actually finally made it! Of course their sales could totally take a dive, but how could they be upset? There, between all the perfectly aligned shelves, lies THEIR creation next to some of the world's best authors of all times!

I love the smell of new books and looking at the different covers and titles. There is so much creativity that goes into a book, and I'm not just talking about the whole storyline either. If the cover of the book looks totally lame, I put it down. If it draws my attention, I flip it over and start reading the synopsis. I'm one who likes bright colors, so of course if the book is hot pink, purple, bright green, it basically jumps right into my hands. It's kind of like when I design logos and graphics in my "real" job - the cover of a book must be appealing to a large audience for that genre, reflect a story, and I think the author as well.

One of the other tips my writing teacher suggested to us is that we have to continue to read. We need to stay current with other successful writers and learn all the different styles out there. It's a way to remind us how we need to write in order to get noticed. This explains why I was at Barnes and Noble today over my lunch break.

I'm in this great book club and we're reading the The Anatomy of Peace, so I had to pick that up. I'm actually excited about reading it because it's all about resolving conflict and discovering where it comes from. I'm all about that too. I could use a little peace in my life right now! I seem to be so defensive lately!!

The second book was recommended to me by a consultant I have been working with. He's taught me all I need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and I find him quite brilliant. When I showed him my website, he said I needed to go out and get When in Rome. This is a story about a woman who can't quite let go of her ex boyfriend even though she's now involved with a "better" boyfriend until her ex invites her to Rome, but then her new boyfriend shows up! Sounds dramatic, juicy and AWESOME.

The third book is a book by "Richard Castle". I'm obsessed with the actual TV show Castle shown on ABC, Monday nights. I think this show is extremely clever. Castle brings in actor Nathan Fillion to play real (pen name) author Rick Castle, as one of its main characters. In the show Rick plays "himself" - an author who must follow Kate Beckett around (a hot detective who he calls Nikki Heat in his novel series). By following her around all day at work, he is able to come up with new story ideas for his novels. It's so awesome that I can read Heat Wave during the summer when all the Castle reruns are on, and feel like I'm still connected to one of my favorite shows! And I can't WAIT!!!

Do you have any awesome book suggestions? I would love to hear them! Remember to visit

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting Published

I mentioned I took a writing class last month that really inspired me to get writing. It was a real cool class - I enjoyed it and was sad when it ended! The last day of my writing class, the teacher (who self-published a children's book and writes romance) listed off a bunch of tasks hopeful writers need to do to create a better chance of getting published or noticed. The list was more of a packet than anything. I felt really overwhelmed, but excited at the same time.

She mentioned paying attention to social networking sites and signing up on many of them, creating a blog and a website. All which I have completed, however, I have skipped way over Step One - the major challenge - and that is writing THE BOOK. I have it outlined. I have a brief synopsis. And I have three chapters. But I have had three chapters for a month now! I should be on chapter six or seven at the rate I'm designing websites, blogs and tweeting! Oh, and trying to stay focused at my full-time job, which is getting busier by the day!

In my mind, and I'm sure in the mind of others who want to become published, I feel like I need to find away to brush shoulders with agents and publishers. Almost like my name should be coming up in conversations at cocktail parties or other book signings. Boy, is my head in the clouds right now, or what? I feel like I need to make a solid name for myself before I even begin to propose the book idea.

To me, this getting published stuff is like applying for a job. I have always refused to send in an ordinary resume, with plain words and a common cover letter like everyone else! I want to be different. I want to stand out! More importantly, I want the job. So that is my plan when it comes to this book. My husband keeps reminding me that I need to focus on the book. He is right. I do. And I will. Right after I write another short article for Channel 5 KSTP...

Another suggestion my writing teacher had was getting published. So that was my next big step and challenge. I have been published several times in the Shakopee Valley News. There are over 20,000 people in the community of Shakopee, but do they all get the paper? I wanted even bigger. Then my friend Hoover told me about KSTP looking for community writers. And I shot off an email to them. They seemed interested and now I have my own password protected web page I log into to create stories that are published on KSTP's website!!! So exciting!!! But again, that takes away from writing my book, but at the same time, it's what I need to do...

The key is balance. And I suppose that is true to life in general. We need balance or else we start losing it. My brain is telling me that I need to get this book done as fast as I can - almost like I'm in a race against time. I'm not sure why that is either. Is it my intuition or is it just anxiety kicking in because there is so much today and I'm not really accustomed to working slow?

What I need to do is take a deep breath and open my packet and start with Step One - write and finish my book!! It has a ONE in front of it for a reason. So I'm going to try reserving one day a week for writing this book only! I'll try that and get back to you!

As for now, still dreaming BIG! Thanks for stopping by!! Don't forget to visit!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Website release of

Well, here I go!!! Hello world!!! So I spent a few weeks putting together my personal website (, which highlights myself as a writer and introduces my future book idea! I'm sure there will be some minor changes along the way, but the storyline should stay pretty consistent. I am very, very excited about this book!!! Almost as excited as I was about planning my very own wedding...!!

This whole website may sound crazy for some, but writing a book and getting it published has been and still is a dream of mine. I'm a believer that dreams do come true, especially if we are determined enough and have a lot of faith in ourselves. We just have to have the confidence to push forward. How do we know unless we try? That's my motto! I really have put a lot of thought into how I'm going to accomplish this dream. I know it's going to take A LOT of work to get published, but I also know we can just about accomplish anything we set our minds to.

I'm very grateful I have a job, but I can't help but think as I roll out of bed every morning that I was meant for so much more. Creative writing is what I love to do. More importantly who doesn't enjoy a good love story? Like I mentioned above, one of my favorite moments in life was planning our wedding. So I thought, wouldn't this make the PERFECT book? Romance! A wedding! Oh, and the best part...trying to find the perfect guy! This has my name written all over it. I read on a few of my favorite author's websites that hopeful writers need to write about subjects they are passionate about. If that's the case, I'm golden. Anyone who knows me probably would describe me as the gal who asks strangers, only seconds after meeting them, how they met their significant other. Can't help it. I love LOVE!

So anyway, I hope you enjoy my website. I hope you continue to follow me on this journey - it could be a long one, but I plan on making this work! Thanks for your support and encouragement - it makes this adventure a good one!! Please email me your comments. I would love to hear from you!

oh, and here's to dreaming big... Why not, right? What's there to lose?

Christie K

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chasing Dreams

Ever since I can remember I wanted to write a book. I have this dream that I'm going to publish a book one day. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but somewhere deep down I truly believe it's going to come true. I can't tell if this is me living in some fantasy world, or if it's the work of something bigger pushing me. I try not to ignore feelings in my gut. And this "feeling" is stronger than ever. I feel like I'm on a mission right now. So this year I decided to chase after that dream. What do I have to lose?

I started taking a fiction writing 101 class last month, which inspired me to get moving. My excuse has always been my busyness, but I can make time. We can ALWAYS make time if we want to. Anyway, the writing of my book has begun. So far I'm on chapter 3. I have a loooong way to go. I plan on writing about 33 chapters or 330 pages. Yikes! My longest writing journey ever. I love the story line though. I can relate to it. "A 30-year-old searching for a husband for this $75k wedding she has won." No, I didn't win a $75k wedding, but I was in search of love and I felt like time was passing me by! When would my chance come?

This story is similar to my journey with some exaggerations. Maybe that's why it's easy to write. However, will other people think it's fun to read? I hope so. I guess my question to the world is...what makes a book good? What makes you want to pick it up and read it? There will be dating, suspense and real, authentic love. I think we all want to find that but we're not always sure where to find it or when it will come...or what it will even feel like. I was there before, but I never gave up hope. I genuinely believed I was going to find something awesome, and maybe would be 30, 40 or 50 before I found it. I didn't care. I knew I didn't want to settle. And just like that, Mr. Wonderful walked into my life. That's why I'm a firm believer in chasing dreams.

If I can find my dream love, why can't I chase after my other dreams? They do come true...

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