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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Body After Baby #2, Maternity Leave Health and Fitnesss Challenge

Who wants to join in the fun?

For those of you who know me, you know that I'm a bit of a health and fitness nut. I love it. Instead of minoring in advertising or marketing like most people with a speech communications degree, I minored in health. I received a lot of furrowed brows for that decision, but I knew that is where my heart was. Best choice ever because those classes NEVER felt like classes or homework or extra stress to me. I loved them.
Post baby body - Entering Week 2

Granted, I'm now a Marketing and Communications Manager for a company that distributes compressed air systems and pneumatic components (say what?) but I get to be a health coach on the side and have fallen madly in love.

With that said, I just had our second son (who I'm also madly in love with and enjoying every cuddle and snuggle and yes, even those LATE night cries just because I *think* this is our last). Don't read into that too much. We're only on week 2 here! Still on my adrenaline high.

During my pregnancy I stayed VERY active. I ate VERY clean. And had the best labor ever. If I could have that labor and delivery every time, I'm sure I'd have those 5 kids our pastor talked about during our wedding sermon.

I have learned the kinder I am to my body, the kinder it is to me. And so I plan to continue this way of life.

I know bad things can happen to even the healthiest of people. But most illnesses are 85% preventable just by taking care of ourselves. This is so important to me because my family's heart history and history of strokes. I want to be around for a very long time and FEEL my best always.

Sometimes the cost of gym memberships or health programs can be a little pricey upfront, but in the end, we end up seeing the doctor less, we take less prescriptions, we spend more time ENJOYING life. There is no price tag to be put on good health.

I want to help others like you to TAKE CARE of YOURSELF by encouraging and motivating and inspiring you to work out, eat better and be more grateful for even the smallest things in your life. Being grateful helps eliminate the toxicity and stress in our lives and helps us focus on the GOOD.

Starting November 3 I will be holding a CLOSED Health and Fitness accountability group on Facebook for all of you looking to GET HEALTHY and FIT with me! I'm going to need YOU and YOUR support and much as you will need mine!

The purpose of showing you my photos isn't to throw my body in your face.  I know that EVERY single person has their own story and nobody's body type is the same. It's to say...hey, I had a baby. My body isn't perfect. But I took care of it and had a really great pregnancy. Now, I want to continue having this new-found energy and get myself to a place where I can feel (and look) great in my clothes, where I can be THE BEST mom and simply feel AWESOME.

My goal was to only gain 35 pounds with my second pregnancy. I gained 45 pounds. I'm OK with this BECAUSE I felt really great once I hit second trimester. My energy levels were through the roof. I was able to work all the way up until our son came. I was able to move us into a new home. I was able to sleep great. I was able to do PiYo up until week 38. I rode a bike until week 36. I did stair climber all the way until two days before I delivered. Like I said, be kind to your body and it'll be kind back to you. LISTEN to what it's telling you.

Before Pregnancy
I started at 145 pounds

Once I found out I was pregnant
143 pounds (didn't feel the best)

Right before I gave birth 
190 pounds

The week after I had Nathan
168 pounds

168 pounds (you like that mouth guard? I know you're peeking at all the stuff on our counter top!)

The week of the November 3 Challenge Group (TBD!)
______ Pounds
______ Right Arm
______ Left Arm
______ Right Thigh
______ Left Thigh
______ Waist
______ Hips
______ Chest

My #1 GOAL by the end of January 2015

I'm a busy mom. Just because I had a baby, my world is not going to slow down or stop. I know a few of you are thinking...REST, WOMAN!!! Trust, me. I am doing the best I can, especially during all those nursing sessions. I stare and stare and stare at Nathan. How on earth are these adorable little boys mine???

But let's talk reality. Just because I had a baby doesn't mean I get to nap all day. I still have to feed my family. I still have to do laundry. I still have to clean our house and play trains and trucks and scoop up all the leaves with a front end loader and drop each leaf in a dump truck one by one. I still have to manage nursing while wiping my 2.5 year old's butt. I have to remain calm during a full on tantrum. I have to pay bills. I have to manage my time VERY wisely. This is a life of a mom. Instead of crawling through every hour and thinking about how badly I need my bed or just going through the motions and making poor choices, I want to be energized, alert and ENJOY every one of them.

And I feel this way when I get enough sleep (work-in-progress right now!), drink enough water, get a 30-minute workout in, eat really healthy (every 2-3 hours), get my healthy dose of vitamins (superfood), meal prep and know that I'm doing my best and giving the best of me to my family. They deserve this! I DESERVE THIS.

Numbers don't reflect EVERYTHING. But I do want to drop the last 20 pounds by the end of my January challenge group. That gives me THREE whole months. A healthy weight loss should be about 1-2 pounds a week (where it won't come back). I don't necessarily want to focus TOO much on weight but more on inches and how I'm feeling. I'm nursing right now and the last thing I want is to mess with my milk production. Consuming lots of oats and avocados and water over here! The minute it goes down, is the minute I figure out what's going on in my diet and life.

If you notice my pictures, I need to TONE up in some areas. So if I can slip into my work pants (and some shirts) by the time I go back to working full-time, I will be one happy mama! But I also know it took my body 9/10 months to create sweet Nathan, so if it takes that long to bounce back, so be it. I'm listening to what my body is telling me. Again, I want to FEEL my best. Numbers don't always reflect that!


  • A 30-minute walk 5-days a week until I know my body is ready for more. Or 25 minutes on the elliptical (depending on weather). My doctor gave me the OK to work out like I normally would after week 2 since I've been so active throughout. It's NEEDED for my mental health.
  • Introduce PiYo again and follow the workout plan that came with my challenge pack. PiYo is a mixture of pilates, yoga and sculpt with a TON of sweating. Think squats and lunges and push ups, sit ups, tricep dips, BURPEES etc. No jumping. (It's pretty much awesome)
  • I put my gym membership on freeze because I can't take my baby in with me until he's 3 months old. So I'm not about to pay the monthly fee. All it took was a note from the doctor and they totally freeze the invoices. 
  • Check in every day to my closed challenge group and let them know what I'm doing and find out what others are doing! Keep things FRESH and FUN.


  • PiYo and Les Mills Pump (this is a light weight lifting program done 3x a week in the comfort of my own home!)
  • Elliptical 
  • Check in every day to my closed challenge group and let them know what I'm doing and find out what others are doing! Keep things FRESH and FUN!


  • Will pick another Beachbody workout program (probably T25 since Karl is doing that now and wants to see how coordinated I am) and it's a quick 25 minutes and can be done in our house! 
  • Check in every day to my closed challenge group and let them know what I'm doing and find out what others are doing! Keep things FRESH and FUN!

I don't know about you but I get the best results when I pair nutrition with fitness.

  • I plan to run a 5-day Clean Eating Group every month. We try to eat clean for the most part so this isn't extra work for me. 
  • I plan to meal plan every Sunday so I'm ready for the week and can only make healthy smart choices (I will be encouraging all my challengers to meal prep for the week as well!) I've noticed it's MUCH harder to eat healthier while at home than work. I pack what I need when I'm at work. At home, snacks are much more available. I have to meal prep, so this isn't extra work for me either. If I want us eating right throughout the week, meal prep is THE ONLY WAY.

So now that I've put my body out there, as well as my goals, you get to hold me accountable. Zoiks. I know you'll be watching and wondering how I'm doing. I'm READY though!!!

What about YOU though? Why don't you join me?? I can promise it'll be a TON of fun and you'll be THRILLED with the results. It's time to feel YOUR BEST, don't you think? NO MORE EXCUSES!!!! November 3 is GO TIME!!!

Let's DO THIS!!!!!!

Contact me in my Facebook comments or PM me or via email or like my Health Coach page on Facebook!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Life at Home with Two - WEEK ONE

Well, we made it! We are home. The four of us!
My lil Naters!

Jackson meeting Nate for the first time
My boys! My heart is SO full!

We were released from the hospital over lunch on Monday (Oct. 20) after Nate had his lovely circumcision (hate that part). And then Nate spit up everywhere in his car seat. Then pooped. Then pooped again. And spit up. And pooped again (this is normal with a fast delivery we found out.)

Let me just tell you this. I spent months worrying and worrying that I would go into hibernation again like I did after Jackson was born. That I would be a walking zombie. That I would have a lot of the same struggles I did with Jackson. That I would lose myself. That I wouldn't be able to do it.
Worked out the Tuesday before Nate came

Spent a LOT of extra time with this lil brown-eyed guy before Nate's arrival

Gpa and Gma Koester have been working on his winking skills

The Wednesday before!

My last workout - Thursday! Stair Climber level 7 for 15 minutes

One big wagon ride around the neighborhood with my lil guy the Thursday before

Last supper. CLEAN EATING goodness all week long!

Walked a couple miles to the park. Next day Nate came!

Worrying is SUCH wasted time!!! The older I get I have realized I need to give myself some serious LOVE and credit over here.

7 pounds 5 ounces 20 inches long

I'm telling you, this time around has been SO DIFFERENT. Yes, we're only into week one and I've had help. Which has been WONDERFUL. So reality hasn't set in JUST yet. But sometimes I just want to scream from the rooftops - I LOVE BEING A MOM. My heart is so full right now. It's nuts.

So weird because after I had Jackson I wanted to hide at Kohl's because it was SO much change at once. I didn't think I could do it. I wasn't sure I had the energy or the skill.

It's amazing what happens when you believe in yourself.
Go figure but the last day of Jackson's daycare was the Thursday before Nate came! They made us this book. I BAWLED MY EYES OUT. 

DAY of NATE - we did Zumbini as a family that morning

Contractions started and this guy was busy!

I'd go from inside to outside to distract myself. 

Pretty sure this was taken during a crazy contraction

I just couldn't stop playing with him! I knew what was coming...

On our way to the hospital - Saturday, Oct. 18 at 6 p.m. 54 degrees out.

Survived the first night!

Nurse. Nurse. Nurse. Nurse. 

Jackson is having a little tough time. He wrapped his lion up like a baby and gave him to Nate

Still adjusting to being a big brother. Has peed himself a few times... Threw a couple tantrums. But he will come over and kiss Nathan and pray for him at night. 

Nurse. Nurse. Nurse. Nurse. 

I think it might be the expectation part of it all. As much as I TRIED to prepare myself for Jackson, I couldn't. That was one HECK of a CHANGE to our system and life. Obviously, a GREAT change, but when you're going through it for the first time, it's like...WHOA. What the heck did we just do?!? I missed my sleep. I missed my husband. I missed my life. I missed routine. I missed it all. But why wouldn't I? It's all I ever knew. I didn't know babies or how to change a diaper. 

Karl and I watched some videos of when Jackson was born. It took me about 5 minutes to change ONE diaper. We laughed. Look at those two clueless people. Look how far we've come.

I know that everything is a phase and now I find myself wanting to HANG ON to every little thing because I know how incredibly FAST this goes. I know my body will bounce back and soon the aches, pains, massive boobs, bloody nipples (yep, got those again) and leaking from every part of me will stop. I know that we'll get into a schedule eventually and everything will be JUST FINE.

This attitude of mine could be the reason Nathan is SO very chill. He's a sweetheart and a cuddler. He barely squawks. We just brought him back from his first week appointment. He is 7 pounds 8 ounces. So he has gained his birth weight back and then some. (Thank you, GOD!) This was MUSIC to my EARS since I had SUCH a difficult time nursing with Jackson. This time around I'm also not keeping track of wet diapers or a feeding schedule. I'm just going with it. Where was this person the first time around?

Now...let's talk sleep at night. Ufdah. Jackson came home and did 5-hour stretches right off the bat. I thought that was bad. Hello. I didn't realize how AWESOME that was until we brought Nate home and he gave us an hour or two stretch of sleep. Yowza! But, he's also SMALLER than Jackson was and requires more feedings. We MIGHT be getting there now that he's up in weight! He did give us a five-hour stretch early yesterday morning. But fussed a little bit before bed. 

I'm trying to get him into his bassinet next to our bed so he's already laying flat but he doesn't always seem to like that. Each night gets a LITTLE better. But man, once midnight comes around and I still haven't closed my eyes, I'm thinking...tomorrow could be rough.

But then I wake up and it's not so bad. Yes, I'm tired, but I can function. I'm also STILL on my adrenaline high too.

I also experienced killer headaches for about four days in a row. The home care nurse thought this was from the intrathecal in my back and wanted me to call my OBGYN, but I continued to drink TONS of water and made my way outside to get some fresh air. That did the trick.

Nate is pretty much right where Jackson is when he goes in for his check ups - in the upper 70th percentile for height and lower 30th percentile for weight. Tall and skinny! Now don't think I'll be comparing them forever because I'm not. They are both their own perfect individuals in my eyes.

We went on our first walk and that felt AMAZING and just came back from our second walk. So wonderful to get out and enjoy this beautiful fall weather and just for me to get out walking. I was a little sore after but it was nice to breathe it all in and soak up some sunshine.

So yeah...still floating away here on cloud nine. Soaking it all up!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Welcome to the World Nathan Karl Koester

Second time IS the charm(er)

Saturday EARLY morning (sweetest day) I wake a few times to cramping.  I'm going on my second week of feeling like I'm getting my period and then nothing. Waved it off.

6:20 a.m. Jackson crawls into bed with us. He hasn't been up this early for weeks, maybe months. He snuggles in close to me and starts rubbing my back so sweetly. I wonder if he knows something I don't.  I remind Jackson I love him no matter what. He agrees.

Jackson wants to get changed and have breakfast.  Karl rolls over and starts playing with his phone. I jokingly (kind of) tell him he better enjoy these LAST moments of getting a few quiet moments to himself cuz it won't be happening anymore once baby comes.

We have breakfast.  I get some stomach pains and go to the bathroom (like I'm cleaning house....if you know what I mean) Sorry, TMI.

My uncle texts me that today is the day I'm going to welcome my son. I actually feel he is right but there's no way baby will come out of nowhere, right?

We decide to check out Zumbini class last minute. Something new! Jackson likes all the music and scarves and dancing. I do not like sitting and standing in repeat and the weird pulling feeling I'm getting down there. But I still swivel my hips and get down with the kids.

Our drive home and I notice more intense cramping.  Hmmm. It's also coming every 15-20 minutes. I think it'll go away. I start texting some friends if this is normal. They tell me I will know in an hour.

We have lunch. Cramping is stronger. Coming on every 10-15 minutes. But I still think it'll go away. Yet, my intuition takes over and I start packing bags and setting them by the door. Like a force takes over my body. All the while I'm laughing at myself.  What are you doing? You really think baby is coming?

Jackson goes down for his nap. Cramps could be turning into contractions.  I look at Karl. Mmm. These are stronger. 5 minutes.  7 minutes. 10 minutes. We watch CASTLE on DVR.  We look at eachother and say we will see eachother and our shows in another 2 years:)

Jackson gets up around 3:30. Contractions are for real. I'm writing them down. I'm still able to run up and down the stairs, wait on hold for the doctor, do dishes and play outside with Jackson. 

4:20 p.m. contractions are 3-5 minutes apart. We zip Jackson over to our friend's house cuz Karl's parents are at the cabin. I' m bawling when I see Jenna. I'm so very grateful for her. I have so many emotions. I feel bad we're leaving Jackson. I thank God for placing Jenna in my life. I don't trust just anyone. She is the real deal. And I know God was behind this friendship from the get go. So I cry in front of everyone.  Snot is going everywhere. Walk out and a contraction hits. I'm a mess.

Karl is hungry. I also know we won't eat for a long, long, time. We go through the drive thru at McDonald's.  I have two contractions while waiting for our food. I am NOT HUNGRY. I want to push. I know this isn't good. I feel the baby moving down. This can't be good.

Karl drives fast. Our exit is CLOSED. I have more contractions. I forget how bad these are.

The shakes hit. I know this can't be good at all. This happened 20 minutes before Jackson came. Out of control shakes.

Karl drops me off at the front of the ER. I can barely walk.  I sit on the bench and have a contraction. People are watching. I don't care. Karl asks to get a wheelchair.  I tell him let's just get checked in. I have two contractions while getting checked in. Karl grabs that wheelchair. I'm thankful.  Even more so that he knows how to operate it so quickly.  If it were me, I'd be confused.

A sweet front desk lady wheels us up to the birthing unit. I'm having flashbacks. THIS time the contractions feel like I have to push though and way stronger. I will DIE if they tell me I'm only dilated to a one like I was with Jackson. 

They wheel me to a room. Tell me to get undressed immediately.  They start transforming the room. Karl and I are looking at eachother.  This room transformation took an entire day last time. The room changes in minutes.  The nurse checks me. "You're at a 5."


The next two contractions hit. "I want to push," I say.

"Hmm. That can't be right. Let me check you again."

I HATE THESE CONTRACTIONS.  I want to throw up. "I need an epidural now! Please!!!"

The nurse checks me again. "You're at an 8."


"This baby is coming." Nurse gets in my face. "The anesthesiologist is 20 minutes away. I want you to be prepared for not getting the epidural."

I swear. And swear. And panic. There is no way. No way.

I tell my body to stop. I'm shaking all over the place. I can't have this baby without something. 

The anesthelogist arrives. There is NO time for a true epidural so I get the interfecal in my back.

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

They lay me down. Doctor comes in. Not OUR doctor but at this point I don't care. She tells us she's going to change in her scrubs.

I tell the nurse I feel the urge to poop bad and push. I apologize for eating clean all week. Lots of good healthy fiber in my diet. She laughs. I also tell her she's pretty. She is!!!! She says we'll try a practice round. She tells me to start and immediately tells me to stop. She calls the doctor. I can tell something is up by the look on her face.

They wheel over the mirror. There I am for the world to see. And there is the head and tons of hair. Holy crap.

They tell me to push. There is Nathan. I cry because I can't even BELIEVE how this is going down. I can't believe what a miracle this is. I can't believe my body just did that. I can't believe Karl and I created such an amazing little boy. I can't believe how much I can love. I can't believe how GOOD I FEEL.


I FEEL AMAZING. Nathan is on my chest. No measuring. No weighing. Just me and Nate-Dawg and skin to skin. I nurse him. He latches like a stud. He poops on me like a stud. He is SO tiny!!!!!!! We really don't have a name at this time but I love him with everything I've got.

I feel like I could go running. Or go about life. I don't even know how. In a short bit, feeling comes back to my legs. I had a two-hour window of no pain and it worked. I walk around. Nate gets cleaned up.

7lbs 5 oz 20 inches. Brown wild hair, grayish blue eyes. AND DIMPLES.  HUGE DIMPLES.


I saw his penis immediately and didn't feel any different. I think I did think....well, no prom dress shopping for me, no wedding to plan... but I get this awesome life with THREE boys. The three sweetest boys in the world. Karl. Jackson and Nathan. I always loved hanging with my brothers and the guys in the neighborhood growing up. I kind of like boys a lot.

Jackson stood up on me the first time I held him. He wanted to get up and go and has been doing that ever since. Nate snuggled in deep and held on like a lil sweetheart.

And that's just what I plan to do. Snuggle in and hang on to this awesome life while I can. Cuz as tired as I am, I now know this time around this is all a phase. It goes FAST. It's going to be hard and trying and exhausting and I will cry. But we will get through it and all I will be left with are memories. So I might as well make the best of every second!!!!

Thank you ALL for the well wishes! More to come once life really begins back at home:) :) :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

39 Weeks Pregnant

One (or two) more week(s) to go!

October 15, 2014 (Jackson is 2.5 years old!!!!!!!!!!)

Your baby's waiting to greet the world! He continues to build a layer of fat to help control his body temperature after birth, but it's likely he already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds – about the size of a mini-watermelon. (Boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls.) The outer layers of his skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.
Me at 39 Weeks

I keep wondering...will I get one more weekend or not? Maybe two? Who knows! Karl and I both packed our overnight bags today in our cars because we realized the commute to the hospital is pretty far for both of us if it happens while at work, even if it happens from our new house!

I had my 39-week appointment on Monday late afternoon. Karl had the day off so he was there. I love when he can be there. I also decided to get checked this time around. I had Jackson at 39 weeks (just one day before I hit 40 weeks). I was never dilated with him, but thought maybe this time since I've been getting the zingers and feel SO much pressure...

NOPE. Not dilated.

But the doctor felt baby's head! So funny. Just means baby is RIGHT there. This is why he suggested we have our bags packed. Plus, he really isn't on-call during the weekends anymore. Only during the week, so now I'm hoping I go during the week! We really want him to deliver our babe!

He did look over the latest ultrasound and mentioned there WAS a little note from the ultrasound doctor that one of the baby's kidneys might have measured a TEENY bit bigger. He again told me NOT to worry because he's not. But I swear, every time there is an ultrasound, something pops up. I have to tell myself we didn't have THAT many ultrasounds with Jackson so they couldn't uncover things like they can this time around? Maybe? I just keep praying for a HEALTHY baby and delivery.

I wonder what the story will be this time around? I wonder what we're having? So many things to think about!

I was doing AWESOME with sleeping until this morning. I was up at 4 a.m. thinking and wondering...could today be the day? Tomorrow? What else do I have left to do? When will I get to sleep in until 4 a.m. again? Karl and I were JUST talking how we have to FORCE Jackson to get out of bed in the mornings now. Just a few short months ago and he was up at 5 a.m. Oh, how things are changing!

The best thing is I'm ALMOST caught up on ALL projects at work. I had a 4-page list of all the projects I wanted to get done before I leave for 12 weeks. I have MAYBE two biggies left to do and I can breathe!!!

Otherwise, things are good. I'm still working out, running another clean eating group this week. So happy for this because I was going nuts on junk food for a little bit there.

Off to get a few more things done! Until next time!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fun with the Koesters in Photos

Well, we're winding down here to the final couple/few weeks.

Still trying to keep up with my lil man and big man! Having loads of fun. Yesterday, I sat on the park bench watching Karl and Jackson play and laugh. The sun was out. The leaves were changing. We're all pretty healthy (for the most part). It was the MOST perfect day. I felt so grateful and lucky and thankful. I kept saying prayers of gratitude over and over in my head. Life is SO wonderful.

A boy and his trucks!

My crush :) 

Enjoying the last "warm" days of fall! Look at those baby browns.

Had a moment to read outside! LOVE THIS BOOK!

This is how the baby sits. ALWAYS. 

These two melt my heart. 

Hay ride at the apple orchard. My two twins!

Family photo!

Double trouble

Great apple picker!

He LOVES his tractors!

Hi, mom!!!!

Testing the water!

Pure joy!

Karl getting into it!


Sample dinner plate for Jackson!

Jackson is going to get a lot of books from his new brother or sister. I'm pretty excited about this one!


He finds all the cool stuff in the house!

My sis in law's baby shower! 

So cute!

good eats!

6 weeks apart! Neither of us know what we're having!

Karl made pumpkin pancakes. SO GOOD!

Jackson is in this train phase. He did this with all our picture frames yesterday.

The pump. Oh man... Here we go again. 

Karl made THE BEST apple bread!! THE BEST. 

Two car seats in! GULP!

Still pumping out the workouts!

Me at the gym!

My awesome new shirt for being a health coach! I LOVE IT!

Still nesting. Donating a bunch of Karl's old stained shirts!

I don't shop much these days....only for groceries. But had to pick this one up!

A delicious salad!

Took Jackson in to get a mole looked at. He crawled right up on the table. 

He thought he was finally getting his teeth cleaned. Better get him in for this some time soon!

Friday fun! Took a nice long walk!

Stopped to be silly!

I love this little boy. LOVE HIM.

Scooping up leaves with dad!

Checking out the ducks!

Uncle Mike came to visit. Jackson gets pretty excited to see him!

Took Uncle Mike to the orchard and for a tractor ride!

Story time with dad! Reading one of dad's old books.

The trees are BEAUTIFUL this year!

Feeding the ducks Karl's apple bread!

At the park!

Running through piles of leaves!

What's up?

The only time he gets McDonald's....

And again...McDonald's!

This kid is my WORLD!!!!!
Until next time!!!! Maybe we'll be a family of four:) :)