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Monday, March 31, 2014

Telling Others - 10 Weeks

Week 10 (March 31, 2014)

Well, most everyone that needs to know knows now. I stressed out about this A LOT. A LOT. And now I feel like 1000 pounds has been lifted off my chest and shoulders. I even told work. Everyone is happy and so now I can be happy!!! I always was, but it’s hard when you’re not sure what reaction you’re going to get. I know. I worry WAY too much. Must fix this. I just don’t like hurting other’s feelings or making life more difficult for them.
Bump Bump

What I do know is that none of this will matter in five years so I have to LET IT GO.

One SUPER awesome thing about this week… Jackson is potty trained. What a stud. He is just pretty amazing. Everything I read said NOT to start potty-training during your first trimester because it’s a lot of work and can be exhausting. But I HAD to let Jackson take the lead. He was READY. And it really hasn’t been THAT bad. Yes, he peed on the floor, but that’s OK. He’s doing GREAT!

·         TIRED. I try to get a nap in on Fridays and the weekends. I don’t think I’m tired but I lay down and I’m out. That is NUTS to me. Even when I was SO tired with Jackson those first several months, I couldn’t just fall asleep for a nap.
·         I ended up getting Jackson’s cold. So I’m up during the night coughing and peeing a lot. Fun.  
·         Peeing a lot. SAME times during the night – 12:57, 1:57, 2:45…
·         Still nauseous here and there
·         Crazy hungry. Like I can eat as much as a 400 lb. man. It’s bad.
·         Up to 147 lbs. Pants are getting tight around the waste.
·         I did get SOME energy to the point where I worked out 2x last week!!! Went down to level 10 on stair stepper for 25 minutes. Shortly after getting done, I wanted to go to bed. So I think I pushed it a little too much.
·         Craving SALTY foods.

There you have it!