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Monday, September 23, 2013

Week in Review - 17 Months

Weekly Koester Commotion -

Always busy in our house. Here is the week in review, all in pictures! I saw this on my friend Leah's blog and loved it. Thanks, Leah, for the great idea!

Always a fun time in the garage! J's big thing is to blast music from dad's stereo and dance.

Auntie Kelly came over and played! Isn't she soooo pretty?

One last Minnesota 5K with my brother before he moves to Milwaukee. This makes me VERY sad. We have lived next door from each other for 12 years. But he is HAPPY! So I have to be. I'm going to miss you, Smike!

My duty as a mom - keep Jackson ACTIVE (don't have to try hard). He loves chasing balls all over the place!

Wonderful trip to my in-law's cabin. BEAUTIFUL. SERENITY. MUCH NEEDED!
Jackson LOVED being outside but I needed to keep my eyes on him at ALL TIMES. Wanted to jump in the lake. I was exhausted when we got home. There is very little rest for moms!

My in-law's have awesome neighbors at their cabin. They let Jackson play in their playhouse! He was in heaven. I enjoyed too because I could SIT and watch him!

He loves opening and closing doors.

Headed to in-law's 74-acres of land in Wisconsin and went wild! Having fun with Gpa and Gma! Pulled mom and dad in the trailer. Reminded me of Kids Week at my own grandpa and grandma's.

Had to make sure Gpa Jim's deer stand was in good shape. Ready for the Big One!
Truly Jackson's element. The outdoors and running FREE with nature!
Burning leaves with Grandpa Jim. Pretty sure Camping is next on our list.
Trying out new sports all the time. Little man is obsessed with balls right now.
We ran bases. And ate dirt...
Until next week!