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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fun with the Koesters!

Just keeping you all up to date on all the fun things we've been doing (in photos!). We're just your average young family trying to balance it all while enjoying every single moment!!!


Pretty sweet boy, huh? Love LOVE LOVE this kid. He LOVES his new firetruck shirt! Why? Cuz the "lights are on". 

Remember when it got cold in Minnesota quick? I was craving chicken noodle soup. I try and stay away from canned stuff, but it sounded SO good. I always ask...How can I make this dish healthier??? So I added veggies to make up for it!

HEARTBREAKER - 2.5 years old! A picture of a picture. I know... What year am I living in? 

Coffee on the front porch in the morning = AWESOME. Seriously was only 2 minutes worth, but that's OK. I take what I can get!

We took Jackson to a firetruck parade. He was SO scared. We did NOT expect this. Felt so bad!

The trucks were pretty loud though. Karl said J-man was shaking. 


Have I mentioned HOW NICE and WONDERFUL it has been to have KARL BACK!?!??!?! NO late hours. NO WEEKENDS. NO ON-CALL. I could CRY I'm so happy. The last 2.5 years were SO hard. I'm SMILING ALL THE TIME. I'm soaking up every SECOND right now!

Love our little stunt man!

Getting in stair climber 2x a week! Just dropped down to level 7 this week (36 weeks pregnant)

I could have this for breakfast EVERY morning. Overnight Steel Cut Oats with FRESH PICKED apples!


My PiYo workout. Jackson LOVES to join in!

Yeah, this is how SWEATY I get from PiYo. I LOVE IT.

Healthy goodness!!!

Like I said, I'm obsessed with apples. We have four trees at work, though they belong to the office next door. So I have to ask permission every year. I swap them recipes for letting me pick their apples!

We read these books over and over and over. I LOVE THEM!!!!! Jackson is obsessed with smoke stacks and letting us know if there are wheels or tracks on the construction equipment. He is CRAZY smart. 

AGAIN. I can't get ENOUGH of PiYo!!!! I'm down inches in my arms and thighs. NOT in my belly. I don't know why? HA! HA!

My little helmet man

Super golfer!

Measuring things up!

Just perfect


My boys in the woods! 

Some apple quinoa treat. SO SO SO good. 

Apple cookies. SO SO good. 

A book I finished in a few weeks because it was THAT good. 

Baby #2 closet READY! Kind of. 

A quick walk over my lunch break. Time to reflect.


Pumping iron at the gym. Right now I get stopped by others at the gym to let me know I'm having a boy! 

The leaves are changing! SO PRETTY!

Have you been to Total Wine? Oh my. DEALS. STEALS. AWESOME. 

Mommy/Jackson day!!!!

Best jeans EVER for the tall, skinny toddlers. Kohl's Jumping Bean. $8.99 right now. They of course are all gone now. 


FINALLY went out to a new restaurant. Turkey burger with chickpeas and cilantro and pistachios and all other healthy things. YUM.

Storm rolled in. I made a watermelon slushy with fresh-squeezed lime. 

Oh, and back to apples.... Apple pancakes!

Apple banana bread

My coworker made baby #2 a sweet blanket!!! NICE!

Even if my head feels like it's going to roll off, I've been taking time to soak in all the BEAUTY going on around me!

YUM. Only a few ingredients. $7.99 at Target. 

YEP. This says it all. Need I say more?

Why do I love being a Health Coach???? I get to HELP and INSPIRE others to get HEALTHY. Then I get rewarded with THIS. OMG. I can't WAIT to put these in our gym!!!!!! A ladder and a big gym ball! Have I mentioned how happy I am???

This guy is my world.

Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats. YUM!

IKEA. First time EVER for me. I'm IN LOVE.

Steel cut Pumpkin Oats. House smelled SOO good. 

My purchase from IKEA for baby closet. I know were I'll be going while on Maternity leave.... 

There you have it!!!!!!!!!!!! Until next time!!!