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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jackson's One Year Photos

One-Year Photos

Here's how this went down. A month before Jackson's birthday I asked Karl if we should get professional pics done. I knew we'd be getting pictures for the church directory. What I didn't realize is $90 and ONLY THREE pictures later, we'd only have one good shot of Jackson to choose from. I thought that was good enough, especially on our wallet after throwing that crazy, HUGE birthday bash. But they only turn one once...right?

As crazy as things get, I love this family of mine.

I had heard of Be Creations Photography from a friend I took a Baby and Me class with. I knew this photographer was located right in town and was fairly reasonable, but wasn't sure when we'd be able to fit in pictures with Karl's crazy work schedule.

I sent a text asking Karl if there was a day that worked better out of two days available the week after Jackson's bday. Never got a response from hubby. All I got was an email saying J.C. Penny had a Groupon for $20 pics. I figured that's the route he wanted to go and so that was that. And clearly I was supposed to purchase the Groupon, but I was at work and thinking of 500 other things that pictures quickly slipped my mind before I did anything. I mean, the church picture we did get of Jackson was SUPER CUTE.

Fast forward to the week after Jackson's birthday. I was getting ready for bed when hubby says, "So I'm leaving two hours early for those pictures tomorrow."

SAY WHA!?!?!?

What pictures????

It is now Wednesday and I'm at work trying to set up these one year pictures...not looking cute...nor am I sure what the heck to put us all in.

As God would have it, the time was still open and we MADE it. I do not know how. Sometimes I do not know how I make it at all with everything going on all the time.

Anyway... Here are some of our faves. Oh, and if you're looking for a photographer, check out Jolene is awesome. AND she has dimples:)
Smooches all around

How is my lil boy ONE???

Happy family
This candy looks GOOD!!
Heck yah, I'm diggin in
Wait...there is more?
Where is all started:) LOVE.

Cocktail I'm Loving this Spring

Strawberry Chile Martini

This is a must post. FINALLY WARMER WEATHER. What better way to celebrate than taking the stroller out and going for a bunch of walks and runs and playing at all the parks. There is something about the sun and warmth that makes me smile...and crave a yummy adult beverage.
Yes, you are seeing a jalapeno floating around with a strawberry

Everyone knows I get 20 different magazines every month. Yes, up to 20 now. One of my favorites is Eating Well. Tons of healthy recipes and informative articles about the nutrition we consume.

Karl flipped through the pages and came across this drink recipe and made it for us. YUM. YUM. YUM. Sweet AND spicy.

Strawberry Chile Martini
Recipe found in Eating Well - June 2013

Makes: 2 servings
Active Time:
Total Time: