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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Balancing Act

Speaking of balancing act, I spent a portion of yesterday updating this blog, and then my two-page post disappeared on me. Grrr. I was ready to throw my computer out the window yesterday. Today is a new day. So let's try this again!

Life is getting busier, but when does it ever slow down? Is this when burnout occurs? If so, I'm in trouble. But who isn't feeling the pressure these days, right?

The latest and greatest in my no particular order:

1. Getting through Second Round of Edits on my Book
Thank God for my chick-lit critique writing group. Without them, I'd still be writing in passive voice, using adverbs freely and forgetting about contractions. I guess I like to use longer words. I cannot tell you why either. Ha! I thought after my first round of edits, I'd be golden and querying my ms off to a handful of agents. Wrong! However, the more I make edits the more I fall in love with the story, so this is a good thing...even thought it's taking forever and there are not enough hours in the day! I'm growing so impatient. Anyone else have this problem?

2. Best Piece of Writing Advice thus Far
I have two.
1. Keeping writing and finish the book.

2. The book needs to move forward. If there is a sentence, paragraph or chapters that stall the story, trash em. 

This is a scary thought for me because currently I have two chapters that might be stalling the story. If my intuition is telling me they are, then I should trash, right? But these are also the chapters I woke up at 4 a.m. to write. Do I really want to let in that I could have slept instead?

3. I have been hired as a freelance writer for
Finally! I get paid to write! Have I mentioned how much I love LinkedIn? I do. A gal called me a month ago through LinkedIn asking if I'd be interested in becoming an editor for Patch in Shakopee. After having a few more conversations, we decided I didn't have enough editorial experience but I was able to write. Shakopee is still searching for an editor so she mentioned writing for Eagan, since I spend most of my life there working. Patch was started by It's an online "patch" of a community's latest news.

My "paid" writing gig began last week. And the two articles were a lot of fun to write. The first is about English speaking students (juniors and seniors) at Eagan High School teaching immigrants (non-English speaking students) the English language. Can you imagine ttransferring from a different country to a new school full of teens and not knowing a lick of English?! This is such a cool program. There are some great teachers out there!

My next article is about Internet Safety. A couple things that shocked me:

1. Most fourth graders have cell phones.

2. Cyberbullying is more common that I thought.

3. Webcams need to be covered up at night, unless you want someone remotely taping you from the outside world. Yes, it's possible and it does happen. So either close your laptop at night or hang a hat over your camera when you go to sleep. SICK! Basically visit this website if you are kind of lost in the technology world. It's a library of information!

Will I be able to write two articles per week and juggle everything else? I'm not sure... Verdict is out. The launch of EaganPatch will be November 11.

4. Metal toxicity
Karl and I attended a seminar at Finish Line Chiropractor in Burnsville on toxicity. Dr. Delrae Messer spoke (and, yes, she's smokin hot). I can't believe the amount of people who take three, five, eight pills a day, hoping they will cure their illness. A lot of these "new age" illnesses are caused by inflammation. I mean, where was fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, restless leg syndrome, ADHD, years ago? Why now?

She explained that a lot of these new age diseases have to do with environmental toxins. Think dishwasher detergent, lotions, corn fed meats, plastics, microwaves and the water we drink. All that stuff is passed down through our mothers into our cells. But I also believe in doctors and that some medications are needed in order to survive. That we can't help. My interest was piqued though. Karl and I are both getting a metals test done to find out what's going on in our bodies. We have to pee in a cup for an entire day.

1. Karl is extremely tired all the time and has passed all his blood work and sleep apnea tests. So what's going on?

2. Me...I'm losing my hair again and I'm always freezing cold. My feet turn white when they get cold enough. I'll keep you posted on the results.

5. I'm getting so excited for Thanksgiving!!!
I love long weekends. And I love long weekends at home with my family...all of them. Yes, Mark and Tot are coming home from South Africa and I can't wait. My dad is even breaking open the Jack Daniel's Single Barrel.

6. Polish Vodka anyone?
My traveling brother Mike went to Poland a few months ago and brought back Polish vodka for us all to try. He even brought some for my grandparents to taste this past weekend. My grandpa fell in love with it, and I learned how well he speaks Polish! No wonder he talks backwards! My mission is to try to find this vodka in the states. Anyone know? It's supposed to be an after dinner drink; something to settle the stomach. The only thing I can find is Krupnik honey vodka, but it doesn't look like the bottle my brother brought home. There was definitely honey in the bottle though!

Until next time...

Your only treasures are those which you carry in your heart.

- Demophilus