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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Fun (For Free) in Minnesota - 14 Months

Free Summer Fun

Hey there! We're just having a blast in Minnesota this summer. The sun is finally out and the weather is warm.
Stompin water and sand with my cool kicks

Our friends told us about two cool splash pad parks in Eden Prairie so we met them at Miller Park (with their adorable three girls) and played! Jackson is quite curious of water but wasn't so sure about the fountains of shooting water. I took his t-shirt off and let him run wild, but a stream of loud water hit him and that was the end of him.
Whitest kid out there

Jackson liked playing in the sand a lot (and walking in it). Must invest in a pair of sandals. And he loved playing with his new friends and chasing them around. They were GREAT with Jackson.
Jackson running around with his buddies Zoe and Kaia

The sun came out too so I think that was a big reason Jackson conked out on the way home. This happens never, so I knew he had the time of his life.
Having too much fun with mom again

We also have been taking the bike and bike cart out a lot and finding a ton of new parks. This three-level beast is one of our favorites! FREE.
Where were these parks when we were little?

I took Jackson to the Life Time Fitness pool in Savage. I didn't have to pay for him since I have a membership, so I'm not sure if this is considered FREE, but for me it is. I wasn't sure how he'd be since he freaked when the water hit him at the splash pad. The minute he set foot in the water he said, "WOW!" Followed by an "Ohhhhhhhhh!" and then a "WOW!" He splashed and ran over to the six fountains of water bubbling out of the pool and stood there forever. HE WAS SO HAPPY. I took him out for a swim and he loved that. WE BOTH had a blast. We will be doing that again for sure!!!! Can you believe that was MY first time using the pool since my membership in 2010? I guess when I workout, I mean business. Now I'm mad at myself for not utilizing such a sweet pool all these years. Time to start!! I wish I snapped a picture or two of Jackson swimming, but I needed to keep ALL EYES on Action Jackson.

We are in FULL action mode 99% of the day
Love garbage day because I can push all the recycling bins down the road and sit on them. All while looking cute.
I knew I liked my old car seat for a reason!