About Me

Who is Christie Koester?
I think of myself as an energetic 30-something mama who loves to help others get healthy and fit and reach their personal and financial goals.

I dream big and have a vision for myself, my team and my family! Though I was born with a birth defect called pectus excavatum, which has started to get more attention because of the 2016 Summer Olympics due to a few swimmers bringing more awareness to it, I do not let this hold me back from being my best self.

I'm on a mission to help others get healthy and fit and feel more confident in their skin even if they were born with some type of defect and look different than others!

My story in short: I had a broken heart when I graduated college. From my small Illinois hometown I moved to Minnesota on a whim, only knowing my older brother. I took a chance, a huge risk. But I couldn't avoid the voice inside me pushing me to do it.

And for that, I spent most of my 20s single and searching for something....anything...and trying to figure out my mission and purpose in life...oh, and of course, was seeking Mr. Right.

I built new friendships. Became super close with my brothers. Started my career. Took on a whole new set of responsibilities. And the best part of it all, I'd never go back and change a thing. I needed to learn to love "me" first, figure out who I was, and discover what a healthy relationship was really about. And once that happened, doors opened to amazing opportunities and they keep opening.

I actually wrote my first ever book (contemporary women's fiction/romance) in 2011, and I'm still looking for its home. When I set my mind to something, I go do it. After becoming a mom, I realized it just wasn't my time and the book needs revamping! Of course I want an agent and publisher to love it as much as I do, so back to the drawing board I go. At least I can say I actually wrote a 350 page book! I always say we all need to write that first book. It's the first one that'll get us over the fear and will help us learn. My book was rejected over 60+ times by agents. The second one will be the one that makes it! There isn't a time limit on our dreams, right? We keep on chasing them.

I married the love of my life on August 22, 2009, on the most PERFECT weather day. Karl and I met at work and couldn't have been more opposite (me in Marketing, eating veggies and playing volleyball 6 days a week, and him as an analytic chemist eating ramen noodles for breakfast out of a coffee cup) but you can't stop your heart from feeling what it wants. I had SO much FUN around him...even when we did nothing at all. We started traveling the world together, laughing and living, and life was never better.

Our son, Jackson, came into our world in April. There is NOTHING...and I mean...NOTHING...that can prepare you for parenthood. WOW. My mind was blown as soon and Jackson was placed on my chest. There isn't quite the right words to describe how fast and much your heart grows in a single second. What an amazing (but hard) journey this has been. Clearly we love Jackson so so much and soon welcomed our sweet little Nathan in October 2014. Those dimples!!! Our hearts and lives are full. These boys keep us on our toes and have challenged our marriage in so many ways, but we keep coming out stronger.

In July 2014, I became an online health and fitness coach and truly found my passion in life. As I continue to help others on their health and fitness journey, my team also grows. And in 2015, we became a Premiere Team, which less than 1% of Beachbody coaches become! I'm looking for others to join my team!! If you have a love for health and fitness, enjoy working with awesome people and like a good challenge, are driven and enjoy helping others, I want YOU on my team! Apply here!

In March of 2016, I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis and lost some of my vision in my left eye. I'm on my journey of eating healthy, working out daily and taking care of myself in hopes I can restore my vision and lose the inflammation in my optic nerve. I share my journey on my LIKE page.

I blog because writing is my outlet and something I have enjoyed since I was really young. Plus, I want to inspire others to live out their best life possible since this is our one chance to be our best selves and do anything we put our minds to! I want to remind you that YOU CAN DO WHATEVER IT IS YOUR HEART IS CALLING YOU TO BE.You simply need to BELIEVE in yourself.

So enjoy and welcome to my life...where no day is ever the same. And boring does not sit in my vocabulary!

Oh, hey...thanks for stopping by:) Come by often.

Or you can email me at christie (dot) koester at gmail (dot) com.