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Monday, September 10, 2012

Why I Love Change

Oh, change, how I love thee

No sarcasm here. 

Since my life is a big ball of change, I thought….Why not join in the fun and add to it all? Why fight it? Why freak out at everything and why not just GO WITH IT?

If only every day were this easy.

On that note, I went to my fabulous stylist on Saturday and had her give me a new look. I basically said, “Work your magic. Karl is letting me cut my hair.”

Buh-bye long blonde hair. Lots of inches gone.
New Look for Me - New Look for My Blog!

I figured:
  1. My hair goes up in a ponytail 99.9 percent of the time right now, who’s really going to notice?
  2. My hair is falling out due to all those post-pregnancy hormones. Most of it is on the carpet and in the drain.
  3. My hair hasn't been this short since junior year in high school. It is time.

And I love it. She is good.

Karl…well…he’s a long hair kind of guy. He did say it looked cute and I looked like a different person. (Are you thinking what I'm thinking?) Otherwise, not much else. Jackson pulled on it and played with the strands as he nursed. It was kind of cute.

After giving myself a new look, I decided to give this blog a makeover too. It’s been a year since I changed it up. I wanted to make it easier for users to navigate and link to social media and email me and I really wanted to add some cool bells and whistles to it that I could never do or figure out in Dynamic View. So here you have it. I had all but 25 minutes to spend on it last night after I put Jackson down and still managed to get six hours of sleep (in a row!). Score.

New look for me. 

New look for my blog.

Changes will keep happening to the blog as I get a little more extra “me” time each night… And I say this lightly. Change is good. Change is good.