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Friday, December 27, 2013

Month in Review - 20.5 Months

Koester Commotion
Hey all! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are getting ready for the New Year! We've been traveling all over the Midwest, spending tons of time with family. It's been a Christmas full of family, JOY and love. Jackson made this Christmas extra fun for all. What a JOY to be around. Below are a lot of pictures reflecting what we've been up to!

So excited to see what the New Year brings.

One fun thing I did during the month of December was become a #Elf4Health. I had to do a lot of healthy challenges every day for 4 weeks. If you check out my Twitter page, you'll see all the neat stuff I did!

I can tell you we will be continuing our healthy lifestyles and are looking at purchasing a new car so we don't get stuck with double car payments. We're also on the hunt for a house with plenty of space for Jackson to run around and for our family to grow...

Let's just say 2014 is looking like an expensive year. But all I ask and pray for is GOOD HEALTH and HAPPINESS for ALL!

Blessings and good health to you all.

P.S. The pics are in no particular order.

Jackson made his first 6.5 hour road trip to Kansas to see his Uncle Mark and Aunt Amy

Aren't they cute?

They say you marry your father...

Uncle Mark fixing up the sweet vacuum (that actually sucks)!

Any guesses which presents are from Uncle Mike who works at MillerCoors?

Yay! I can make smoothies just like mom!

My younger brother's house and view. Ridic!

First pair of snow pants!

First shovel

Who is having more fun?

Coolest doggy bed ever!

Like I is ridic!

Kisses for grandma!

Drive home

We made it!!!

Jackson LOVES to read!! He LOVES his books. He is also getting really aware of the potty...or in this case, the BUMBO

When Daddy was out hunting for a few weekends, Jackson and Mommy tried out the malt shop! YUM! Jackson also is feeding himself Quinoa for breakfast in the morning with a spoon! YAY!

Checked out the train table at Barnes and Noble! Jackson picked out a Thomas the Train book. 

Jackson enjoyed going through all the books and dancing on the stage!

A lovely Thanksgiving picture painted by Jackson

I became a #Elf4Health and did several healthy activities a day. One of them was running a 5k! Ran when it was 20 degrees out and in 30 minutes. Not bad.  

Our sweet little Indian, Jackson

Headed to the farm in Gaylord to visit Karl's grandparents for Thanksgiving

I made a ton of healthy foods during my #Elf4Health challenge. The more colors, the better!

Jackson wrote a letter to Santa at Daycare. He loved putting up the flag!
SANTA!!!! (there is a reason I'm in the photo!)

We had the Koester Christmas on the 14th. Jackson LOVED getting this cool dump truck from Aunt Kelly and Uncle Ben
Grandpa Jim showing Jackson the ropes

Opening presents with Ben

No way! Is this what I think it is?

It is!!! A vacuum!!

And a Trike!

And a HUG from Ben! Ahhh.
Dying to try out my new sled from Uncle Ben and Aunt Kelly

Dad was too because it was only 4 degrees out! Burrr!

Fun stuff!

Aunt Kelly got J-man this cool glass and mommy fills it with healthy smoothie goodness!
One of the #Elf4Health challenges was to run my fastest mile. I did it in 9 minutes 26 seconds. I'm hooked now. Before my circuit training at the gym, I now run a mile as fast as I can. I beat this time by 16 seconds the next time I ran. I LOVE this workout! 

Jackson feeding his new hat...

Jackson's FIRST Christmas Program. It was ADORABLE!! I forgot to dress him in his "Christmas Best" too... OOPS!

Then we came home to this...

And then woke up to this the next day... 

I helped put together our Christmas party at work. My baby photo is to the left and Jackson's is to the right. SEEEE people, he does look like me a LITTLE!!! :)

Coolest gift ever

Jackson was excited about this one!

J played with it until he hit the ground. We knew it was a good toy!


My brother and sis in law live on a golf course. Their house is AMAZING!!!

Played outside as much as we could with PAPA before the cold and snow came. 
Christmas Morning! (No judging of the tree. We were sick of it falling!)

Letter from Santa to Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!