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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Month in Review - 23.5 Months

Almost Two!!!!!

March flew by. I don't even remember it. You'll be able to see that once you see how very few pictures I took. Oops.

Let's see. What is new? Jackson is pretty much potty trained other than at night. OK, he did pee on the floor Friday evening, but I don't blame him. We actually went OUT to eat, which RARELY happens. Too keep Jackson busy, he drank a TON of my drink. We went potty before we left. Walked inside our house and he just couldn't control it. But now I know...

I can't even believe this kid. Totally impressed. He is extremely observant and curious. He is talking more, which is SO cute. He loves to sing Old McDonald and his ABCs. He's addicted to jelly beans (which he calls "kelly beans") and fruit snacks. He will tell us he's headed to the store to pick up more fruit snacks when he sits in an empty box or his bike. Funny. He has an abundance of energy - mainly hopping everywhere or running.

I think he's around 27 pounds. He's still in 18 month pants and shirts but they are definitely getting shorter on him. We like to get as much use out of his clothes as we can:) He will wear 24 month and 2T shirts. We realized he no longer fits in his shoes! So we had to fix that.

Otherwise, we've been busy painting the town home and getting it ready to rent. I've been purging stuff like crazy and donating tons of stuff too. This is taking up a HUGE chunk of time and focus. I will be happy once this is all done, but know I have a TON ahead of us yet.

Here's what we've been up to!

During the month of February, Jackson's daycare had up bring in a bunch of photos. They made a collage and talked about families. He LOVED seeing all our faces during the week!

Jackson actually sitting still during face painting. A girl in his class had an Elmo birthday party!

My sweet hubby's 35th birthday! He was pretty happy about this! He brewed home brew ALL day and my parents came to visit and brought him a growler. Sounds like a pretty sweet bday to me! Then we went to dinner. Totally fun. 

Such a cutie pie!!! He looks totally grown up!

LAST room painted before we put up for rent. Sure looks like a lot of junk on the bed... Don't judge:) 

This melted my heart. My sleepers!

Elmo bday party at Jackson's daycare! He LOVED it!

Until next time!