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Thursday, February 6, 2014

TWO LINES!!!!!! Here We Go Again!!!

Day 24 (February 6, 2014)

Well. Well. Well. Two lines this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, one very noticeable line and one faint line – so faint Karl didn’t believe it until I started Googling and showing him that it’s TWO lines and there really aren’t many false positives. I will take another test in a couple days just to confirm. This does NOT feel real.

Two lines! One SUPER faint but there!!!

ANYWAY, I woke up around 3 AGAIN (I seem to like 3 a.m. lately) and had HORRIBLE heartburn. The only time I EVER get heartburn is when I’m PG. This early into things though?? My eyes popped open when I realized this. But somehow I fell back asleep and was wide awake once again at 5 a.m. thanks to little Jackson talking to himself in his room. SO CUTE. The best was when he was sleep-singing E-I-E-I-O. 

Total heart MELT.

A voice kept telling me to take a test. Would it be a waste? I had a 20-minute argument with myself and actually drifted back to sleep for 2 minutes before my alarm went off.  Go figure. And decided to go take a test. Mind you, two nights before Jackson lifted up my shirt when I was reading a book to him and started patting my belly. Then looked up at me and smiled. Did he already know something!??!

Secondly, I felt like I was getting my period. I usually get grease face and I had grease face going on this week. HOWEVER, I get zitty before my period comes and it was like the zits were there but then would dry up and go away. Weird, I know.  My hair feels thicker too. Already??? I have been eating a lot of avocados and have been using Moroccan oil so I thought it was just diet and product. But yesterday, I was DEAD TIRED at work. And then I was like…either my period is coming SOON or else this is it.

Also, when I was a tornado last Friday and purged our house to pieces, I could barely do a THING that next day. That’s not me. I can usually go and go and go. My energy was zapped.

ANOTHER THING, I had to lift a heavy box at work (no bigs for me) and I was TOTALLY OUT OF BREATH by the time I walked up the stairs. This normally does NOT happen.  I also ran to my car and back and was out of breath. I know I haven’t been going to the gym as much but I was really out of breath.
So I peed this morning and the lines took a little while. With Jackson it was BAM, immediate. BUT, I know I’m only day 24. With Jackson I was day 29. Anyway, I saw the faded line. My mouth got REAL dry. Then the stick started shaking. I was like… ”Oh dear. This is happening”.

Sure enough…two lines. One was still VERY faint.

Just like I did when I found out I was PG with Jackson, I shuffled out to the bed and stared at Karl all snuggled up like an ESKIMO (we found out in balmy August with Jackson. We’re currently in the arctic vortex right now….STILL). His eyes opened.
Told Karl at 6:04 a.m. he's going to be a dad again!!!

Karl: “What?”

Me: “Sooooo, I think you’re going to be a dad again.”

Karl: Eyes bulge. Then smiles. “What? Really?”

Me: “The line is VERY faint but there are two lines.”

Karl: “Wellll, then I don’t think so if it’s faint…”

Me: “Those things don’t lie. I see two lines.”

I bring the test out. And turn the light on.

Karl: “I can barely see it!”

Me: “It’s THERE!”
I proceed to Google and find out that it is VERY rare to get a false positive. When you see two lines, faint or not, you are pregnant. I read him everything I can find.

He pats my belly and we hug for a long time and I feel SO MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we both look at each other…. “Here we go again!”

Karl puts his hand out to stop me…”Just, just. Don’t get all crazy here.”

He knows me TOO WELL. J My brain is already going. When is the baby due? (OK, already looked that up when we started trying. OCTOBER!!!!!!!!! Jackson will be exactly 2.5 years.) Do we need to move now? What about daycare? Can we afford? Will Karl finish that paper? Must get house ready now!!! My brain is in OVERDRIVE.

But I smile at Karl and his look of concern and shut my brain off and I totally feel like this is NOT real. I make a mental note to pick up a few tests and try again over my lunch break and then maybe tomorrow and the next day.

HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!