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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Feeling SOME Movement - 15 Weeks

Week 15

So it’s been raining SOLID for four days now. We are tied for the second wettest April in Minnesota. Gross.

This prompted me to move forward with adding additional clubs to my gym membership. Currently I can only work out at the club closest to our house. That makes getting there tricky because it’s still about a 10 minute drive. Since we’re moving in June, I would have to add another club, which actually adds ALL clubs across the nation to my membership. Meaning the gym 10 minutes from work has been added. Can I get a “Wha? Wha?”

15 weeks!

Yes, my gym bag is already in my car and I’m ready for a lunch break workout!!!! I’m going to test today out and see how fast I can do this. If I can get to the gym twice a week and then get some outdoor activity in, I will be one HAPPY MOMMA and I KNOW this will benefit the baby too!

With all the eating I’ve been doing lately, I NEED SOMETHING! With Jackson I was at least going to the gym once or twice a week.

I’ve realized my schedule isn’t allowing me to get to the gym before bedtime or even before the birds come up. It’s hard making it to the gym being pregnant and with a toddler and with a hubby who works late and with me being in charge of dinners and getting the house ready for a move.  It’s a lot. But I know I have to put ME first somewhere in there so I can live the healthiest lifestyle possible. I don’t want to be a slug on the couch anymore.  And I definitely have been!

I’m beyond happy that there is SOME kind of system down for fitting in a work out now. YAY! And if I can get those 12 workouts in a month, it won’t be like I added the cost of those additional clubs! I’d be getting my “healthy living” insurance discount.

I can do this!

Also, I’m all about eating healthy again. I totally fell off the bandwagon there for several weeks. Jackson’s pediatrician knew it too. I think her eyes popped when I told her Jackson had been consuming jelly beans and fruit snacks. THE WORST SNACKS for kids’ teeth. So yes, we got lectured. His choices right now are OUR choices. We have to be smart about this stuff. I’m changing up the way he’s been snacking. Right now he’s content with frozen peas and baby organic carrots when I’m cooking dinner. This is good. Real good. Yes, I know. A phase. Always is!

Truthfully, Jackson’s pediatrician was getting tired of setting 3-year-olds up on meal plans because they are ALREADY obese. Oh dear. And she made sure we knew it’s VERY VERY common today. I know it is. I see it everywhere.  The thing is, it is SO easy to eat bad. We live in SUCH a FAST BUSY world - we WANT easy. I get it. But my head is back on straight (for now) and I’ve been meal planning and buying fresh produce and sticking to the easiest, healthiest meals I can make right now.  And if the meal doesn’t SEEM that healthy, I ADD healthy to it – as in more veggies, a side of fruit, etc.

I will say Jackson is in the 30 percentile for weight. He is skinny. There is no problem there. But she was just giving us a heads up that if he continues on this slippery slope of sugary foods, the next appointment might not be so great, or will that first dentist appointment. I hear ya!

Some Recent Activity For Mom:

Sunday – 2.5 run/walk – 30 minutes
Wednesday – 2.7 mile walk during lunch break – 35 minutes
Saturday – 4.5 run/walk with jogging stroller – we stopped at the park so it was a 3 hour deal

How I’m Feeling? Symptoms

·         I’m still FREEZING cold ALL the time
·         CRAVING V8 (Karl bought me a 48 pack from Costco. Limiting my intake though due to the high sodium)
·         HUNGRY all the time. Sigh.
·         Definitely feeling better though!
·         Exhausted by the time Friday comes. Still needing naps here and there during the weekend.
·         Yep, still have the rash on my face.
·         Have busted out some maternity clothes. But rocking the red hot TIGHT pants today!
·         FELT BABY FLUTTER and MOVE (not from outside but totally feel baby moving around from the inside)

Next appointment is May 8. Coming soon!