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Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekly Weight and Workouts - Week 3

Week of October 14

This week was a rough week. Lots going on. Little time. Tried my best. The weather was a bit nicer over the weekend!

Height 5'10"
Weight 161 (scale going the wrong way!)

Some quick 6 month photos!

Sunday - Long walk with Karl and Jackson - 45 minutes

Monday - Took Jackson's 6 month pictures (no workout). Thanks MEEGAN!!!

Tuesday - Had to get tailbone checked out at doctors. Couldn't go to gym. But ran 12 minutes outside before Karl and Jackson got home. At least I can still run....

Wednesday - None. (bad!)

Thursday - None. (naughty)

Friday - None. (just getting lazy...)

Saturday - 25 minute eliptical! 30 Minute walk with Jackson! Weather was awesome.

Pics by good friend, Meegan!

Weekly Weight and Workouts - Week 2

Week of October 7

Not the best workout week but better than nothing. Keeping at it...

Height 5'10"
Weight 160.5

Racing all over Minneapolis and St. Paul, trying to catch Jenna and Jill.

Sunday - Chased Jenna and friend Jill around as they ran the Twin Cities Marathon. Got in and out of our car with stroller and would run up and down streets and hills. My guess is 20 minutes total of good heart pumping (I'm counting this as a workout because I was huffing and puffing and sweaty!). Then we got home and I had to run around the house in order to make it to a shower (was an hour late). Had to pump in-between marathon and baby shower. Crazy life.

Monday - Nothing.

Tuesday - Didn't get to work out at Life Time:(. Karl had patients until late so I picked up Jackson.

Wednesday - 15 minute walk outside over lunch.

Thursday - 15 minute walk outside over lunch. 25 minute walk with Jackson after work.

Friday - Nothing

Saturday - 25 minutes elliptical (we have one in our house - need to start using more) and weight training with light weights (have these at home too).

Go, Christie, Go!!!