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Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekly Friday Thoughts

1. Writing a Heartbreaking Article
I’m in the middle of writing an article for my friend Brooke. Brooke and I used to sit in Health and Wellness class freshman year, spending most of our time counting the days until we could go home to see our families. I played volleyball with Brooke for one year at Southwest State (Marshall, Minnesota). Then we played against each other when we both transferred out due to our evil coach. I was at UW-Whitewater and she was at UW-Stout. Brooke lost her mom to breast cancer in 2002. And in 2004, she lost her dad to leukemia. How does one deal or even get out of bed? It’s very hard to write. My heart breaks as I write it. Will it be good enough?

2. My Mazda 6 (“Ma’s dress” - as my grandpa calls it.)
I currently drive a Mazda 6, 2003 model. It has rust forming around the wheel frames. I noticed this during my lunch yesterday. Thus meaning I’m going to have to buy a new car, meaning monthly car payments. Problem is Karl has a 2002 vehicle. Can someone say double payments! Money. Money. Money. I do know my next car will have a compass of some sort, GPS, a door that won’t slam shut on my leg as I reach for my morning coffee AND SIRIUS radio. Sounds expensive!

3. Bad habits
My name is Christie and I'm a nail biter. Why do I bite my nails? I saw my dad biting his while we were watching a Bears vs. Packers' game back in '84. Soon I was spitting my nails across the sofa just like dad. Today, I bite them so short they bleed. Gross right? How do I stop? I’m not sure, considering I like the taste of the NO BITE nail polish. I even bite my acrylics. What do you think this means?

4. Revenge of the Twilight Saga
How did I not get into the epic Twilight saga? Maybe it's the whole vampires vs werewolves rivalry. Or it could be because I don’t really find Robert Pattinson THAT good looking. He seems charming, but I don’t really have the desire to pick up the books or wait in line at a theater. But I don't want to sound too much like Miley Cyrus either. Now, Sex in The City is MY kind of movie!

5. Stay-at-home Mom vs Career-Driven Super Mom
We have these hoodlums around our neighborhood who hang out and vandalize our community gazebo every chance they get. They wear their pants too low, call me “shorty” and smoke a funny smelling substance. Where are their parents? Probably working and not paying attention! I just don’t know how long I’m going to handle sitting behind a desk after I give birth, as our adorable, chubby-cheeked babies are growing up. I’m not really thrilled about having someone else raise them for me. How am I going to work a full day, workout, cook, play volleyball and raise kids...oh, and be a good wife?? Seems impossible!! Am I asking too much? I’m taking my chances at writing a book... Praying it leads me to the “better” life:)

6. Manager? Graphic Designer? Web Designer?
What am I anymore? I feel like I have lost my identity at work. I'm incredibly burned out. I don't want to whine too much because I think "being overwhelmed" is common for everyone right now with the economy the way it is. I will say I am grateful I have a job. However, it's frustrating when I don't have manager experience or any training available and I can't delegate anything! I thought this is what managers do? Delegate... Maybe I’m bummed out we don’t have Monday, July 5 off like 90% of companies do. What would Harvey MacKay do?

7. I Miss Home
I wish my parents lived closer. I wish my brother, Mark, and my sister-in-law, Tot, would move back already... They live in South Africa right now and move back in November. They have been out there for two years. Great experience for them. We even made a family trip out there this past December. Quite the adventure for all of us. I know all families are a little weird, but I feel like there is really something special about mine. I could be biased. There is a lot of LOVE though. That makes me happy.

I do not want to cook when I get home tonight. No desire. I'm wiped out on Friday evenings! But I can't expect to go to my in-law's cabin and mooch. I did that last weekend. Honestly, how do moms with full-time jobs AND kids do it? I'm just an independent married woman without kids. I think parents who work full time with kids have to be more organized to fit it all in, whereas moms who stay home are a little more spontaneous with their schedules? My mom was a stay-at-home mom and kicked butt at this. This is why I need to move closer to her, so she can teach me how it's done! I will admit I AM excited about making my famous Strip and Go Naked slush punch tonight though! It's supposed to be 95 and humid tomorrow. Refreshing!

9. Trucks, trucks and more trucks
Swear to God I get stuck behind every single slow semi out there. It drives me crazy, especially since Minnesota is home to clover leaf ramps. It doesn't help that I work across the street from one of the largest semi companies AND a college is right around the corner for "truckers"! I think I'm still upset at the semi that dumped a sheet of ice on my windshield this winter when I was going 78 mph. Scary.

10. Finances
Karl and I met with a financial advisor last night. Good news is we are great savers and are on track to retirement. If we keep doing what we're doing, we could retire comfortably. My stay-at-home mom idea was shot out of the window. And so my book writing continues... Someday I'll be writing this blog and it'll be all about how I'm drinking a fruity cocktail from the white sandy beaches of Tahiti!

I think that sums it up. Until next week! Happy Independence Day! Be safe and don't drink and drive!!!

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