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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Star Tribune Blog - Are you Waiting on Something?

My latest blog in Star Tribune! Are You Waiting on Something?

Waiting. I feel like I've been doing that a lot. You?
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Pet Peeves

We all have em, right?

It's always good to get things off your chest. So I am. Because today wasn't a good day for me. Snow is coming. It's cold in late April (where are you spring?). I'm wearing the same turtleneck purple sweater I've already worn like 15 times this winter and am so ready to retire to the back of my closet. I feel so out of touch with fashion right now. I'm wondering what the heck I'm doing with my life. I feel like I have so much to give and I'm stuck. I want to do amazing things, but what if this is all I'm supposed to be doing? What if I'm supposed to be making labels for bins and fixing PowerPoints? No! No! It can't be. What's in store for me? Am I doing everything right to get to where I want to be? Ugh...I hate this feeling. Hoping I feel a little more refreshed tomorrow!! And I'm hoping venting will make me feel better. Enter below - a list of my Pet Peeves. In no particular order of course. Sometimes when I unload in my writing, I feel better.

1. Semis. Yes, as in those big ol' trucks. I work too close to them. They are slow, smelly and make me miss the green light (EVERY TIME) on the already strung out stoplight on my way to and from work Plus, I'm still pissed at the one who flung a giant sheet of ice off the top of its body and onto my windshield, cracking it into a thousand pieces as I was drove 78 mph on 35E last winter.

2. People who cough and don't cover their mouth. Seriously, didn't your mom teach you anything?

3. People who take the locker right next to mine at the gym when there are 100 other ones available. Maybe I smell good? Maybe they want to see what's in my gym back? I don't know. But it happens a lot.

4. People who can't figure out the merging system in Minnesota. As far as I see it there are no stop signs, yet I always seem to get behind the one person who believes they need to stop instead of accelerate. What am I missing?

5. People who tell me all about their bad day and forget to ask how I'm doing. Or they just keep talking and talking...and talking...and talking....

6. When I email a simple question and don't get an answer back, just a bunch of "I'm so busy" jargon. As I see it, you weren't too busy to tell me how busy you were. I ponder this one quite a bit.

7. Someone who tells me he has nothing to do and is bored, but then passes work on to me because he just doesn't want to do it.

8. Really great people getting cancer and then really mean people walking the earth healthy, continuing to do really mean things.

9. Fake people. You know the ones I'm talking about. The one who is so insecure they have to raise their voice several octaves hoping to sound sincere but have a perma scowl burned on their face.
10. Someone who disappears off the face of the planet when I invested time and money working with them and they continue to send invoices.

11. Writing up a "to-do" list and not being able to get to a single one because of course at that moment all hell breaks loose.

12. People who throw trash out their car window. Not okay with this. What did Mother Earth ever do to you??

13. Road construction, especially when it's right next to my house.

14. Potholes. Need I say more?

15. Snow in April. Boo hiss.

16. Working out and gaining weight. Could be the extra treats, but seriously...why can't I just eat an entire chocolate bar and be fine?

17. Trying on my fave pair of jeans and barely getting them zipped. See #16.

18. Lack of initiative.

19. People who don't think they're good enough. (Wait a sec....did I just contradict myself here?)

20. Those ambiguous damn posts on Twitter and Facebook that are usually followed by a ... and go something like.
"Not sure what to think..."
"I'll miss you..."
"Heart is breaking...."
"Not sure how much more I can take..."

And there are a ton of posts asking what's up and no response. So is it attention you're after, or what?

Do you have any you'd like to add? I promise it'll make you feel better! We are human and are all allowed to feel annoyed every now and then.

Here's to hoping for a good night's sleep. Answered prayers and dreams coming true tomorrow! Happy Christie is back tomorrow!!!