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Monday, October 1, 2012

Time Flies - Jackson is 5.5 Months Old

I lost track of how many weeks he is... Oops!
What’s going on with our little cute Jackson man lately? I totally missed posting his 5 month picture!!! And he’s already 5.5 months old! Zoiks! I can’t believe he’s been in our lives for half a year (soon)!!!!!!!! That is just CRAZY. Time really DOES fly. Not kidding. I was trying to explain to Karl last night that sometimes I don’t even feel like I’m in my life anymore because time is going that fast and I can’t control any of it. I wake up and it’s Monday, I blink and it’s Friday. I don’t know if that even makes sense, but it’s pretty nuts.
Jackson is 5 Months Old! We had the hardest time getting a picture!

We’ve been working on getting Jackson to sit on his own. He’s been able to for a couple seconds and then will tip sideways or forward. It’s fun to watch because he’s so darn cute.
He’s really been pushing himself up when he’s doing tummy time. We know that crawling is coming (must baby proof our house soon). Sometimes Karl and I catch Jackson moving in his crib in a dream crawl. We’re pretty sure he doesn’t realize he’s doing it, but he’s moving from one end to the other.
In the mornings either Karl or I will wake Jackson and he’ll be on his belly, propped up on his knees, butt way up in the air and have his head turned to the left, resting on his right cheek. His eyes will pop open and he’ll smile so sweetly. He’ll just lay there all happy too. It’s the cutest thing ever to see in the morning. Nothing like starting EACH and EVERY day with that. How can I ever be in a bad mood????
Hello Mr. Cutie!

He’s eating solids like a champ. So far he’s had whole grain rice, whole grain oatmeal, homemade avocados, sweet potatoes and bananas. He likes all of them!! YAY!
He loves loves loves being outside. He totally tells me this by his actions. He becomes quiet and stares at everything and seems overly happy (kicks those little legs with excitement). It’s the greatest thing ever. Sometimes I wonder if this is because we started walking outside together three days after he was born (had all that beautiful April weather) and every time I drive in the car with him, I usually have the windows down. Lots of fresh air and sunshine flowing through. Helloooo Vitamin D! Speaking of Vitamin D, I make sure to get Jackson out for at least 10 minutes minimum a day to get that sunshine. Vitamin D is SOOO good for people (especially babies) but we’re getting less of it (being indoors all the time) and it gets harder during the winter. Lots of interesting studies on Vitamin D.  
I'm a happy boy!

Jackson survived his first cold. More like, WE survived! Dang, that sucks when your baby gets sick. Talk about tearing your heart out. It started with a cough and turned into a full blown cold. It was pretty bad for 3 days but during that time he was still smiling and playing and cute as ever, but he had a hard time nursing (breathing through his nose was the issue) and he’d cough every few minutes (sometimes the coughing led to gaging, which led to him spitting up all over me). After 10 days, he was good as new though. Phew. I wish that was the only time he'd get sick in his lifetime...  
Karl and I let my parents put Jackson to bed while we went to a wedding this weekend. It didn’t go super great because I think Jackson is so used to his special routine and me nursing him right before I put him down, that he kind of wigged out a bit on them. But soon, he crashed for my parents and slept all the way until 6:15 the next morning. We forgot to turn the monitor on and I slept SO good.
Date night for mom and dad! Rawr!

I am getting MORE AND MORE sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! I never realized how much sleep can affect attitude and your mental state—but it can. At least for me, I am one who needs sleep. Otherwise, forget it. My mom said when I was born, all I did was sleep. God wanted me to sleep. I was born to get good sleep. I love you sleep!!!
This past weekend I nursed Jackson and after he was done, he cuddled up to me. Like a REAL cuddle. He didn’t move or wiggle like he normally does. He snuggled up to my chest and stayed there for 15 minutes, with his arms wrapped around me. It was the greatest feeling ever. I could’ve sat that way forever. He just wanted to be held and loved by his mama. Made me feel really happy and at peace with everything. I am doing something right!!! Gosh, I love that little boy.
Jackson is giggling more and more which is the greatest sound EVER!
I went through is closet. Newborn clothes fit no longer. We can still squeeze him in some 3 month clothes but for the most part he's on to 6 month clothes.
I love that he notices sounds and noises all around him. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he heard my mom turn the vacuum on downstairs when we were upstairs. I love how he stares at the kids riding their bikes in our neighborhood or the cars that drive by. It's like he's trying to figure it all out. So cute.
He’s trying so hard to talk. It’s the CUTEST ever. His little tongue rolls up and then he tries to peruse his lips to form sounds and words. So sweet.
I’m working on getting a routine down, knowing it’ll more than likely be me doing the work once I get home. I think I just needed to accept that my workload was going to triple and then deal with it. Deal with it means… Tell Karl what I need from him. Hire a cleaning lady. ASK FOR HELP from others AND most importantly just go with it and allow myself to make mistakes and learn the best way by making those mistakes. Man, am I hard on myself. Where did this come from???  This new schedule (working, being mom and Karl’s insane schedule) seemed like a LOT for me to handle at first, but soon I was able to adjust things AGAIN and get a system down. But just when I get a system down, something ALWAYS changes.
As a mom, you become incredibly flexible with your time and just have to go with things.
With that said, instead of my normal 45 minute walk/run outside I’d get before Jackson was born, I’ll now do a 15 minutes run with him in the stroller once or twice a week and then one workout at the gym a week by myself (I steam for 5 minutes and this is the greatest 5 minute vacation of MY LIFE). This is all I need to keep me happy and those endorphins flowing. Jackson gets antsy in his car seat in the stroller if he's in it for too long so I need to be quick, but I think we’re almost ready to eliminate the car seat and have him face forward in the stroller so this might mean longer runs….yet…here comes the cold weather. I must be doing something right because I am seven pounds away from my pre-baby weight!!!!!!!!!!!  Just lots of toning up to be done. All in good time, right?
I'm growing out of all my 3 month clothes!

I now have a killer system down where I write out a menu (these have to be easy, quick recipes) for the whole week and that helps with dinners a TON. I print these up, have them on the island in the kitchen and I’m able to whip something up (that’s healthy too) and make enough so we have lunch and I have time to play with Jackson during the week. I KNEW it’d all come together, but it takes time.
With that said, thanks for all your support and for not judging me or diagnosing me with crazy-girl syndrome. Being a mom is HARD and quite the journey – everyone has their own story and adventures and troubles and awesomeness. It’s nice to be able to get it out and have some of you contact me saying you are going through the same stuff (and offer up suggestions).
Next thing… Have to fit church back into our Sundays. I miss it.