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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jackson!!!!

We have a TWO year old!!!!!!!!

My sweet, sweet Jackson is TWO!!! I can't even believe it. I feel SO lucky to be his mom. What a WONDERFUL little guy. What a BLESSING. What a JOY!

We celebrated his birthday on Sunday with a VERY VERY small party (JUST family) and I'm SO glad we did this. Why? For one, Jackson came down with a 104 temp Friday through Sunday morning. [Rough weekend.]

All day Sunday he wasn't himself - VERY clingy and crabby. It breaks my heart to see him like this. He wanted NOBODY but mom. So I can't say he was the happiest during his birthday party, but it was still fun. It was just very hard for me to do anything so I'm glad my mom was around to help with the food because I would have been in trouble.

I also don't have it in me right now to throw a massive party with moving and being pregnant. We don't quite have the space. And not all of my family could be here - it's tough being far from everyone. But we're celebrating individually and that's fine by us. We are just THRILLED to be Jackson's parents.

Jackson James Koester - 2 years old
Loves looking out the windows regardless of the temp. Such a nature boy!

Riding all by himself! Look, mom! No HANDS! BIG BOY!

Seriously. Another photo???

A visit with the Easter Bunny!!!!

One of Jackson's favorite things. Run away from mom while I chase him up and down the hills. We laugh and laugh and laugh!

Had our Celebration of Life Dinner for my dad since he survived open heart surgery. SUPER FUN night!!! GREAT GREAT FOOD!!!! BEST CRAB LEGS OF MY LIFE!!!!!! My dad had his valve replaced and a hole larger than a quarter closed in his heart. My mom said his heart was so enlarged that once they put it back in his chest after fixing it up, it shrunk back to size. Isn't the body amazing??? TREAT YOURS RIGHT!

Opening Aunt Kelly's and Uncle Ben's gifts. And watching the Masters:) 

Jackson LOVES ice cream (hates frosting on cakes. Will gag.) so we opted for a Culver's Cake. He liked blowing out the candle! VERY GOOD CAKE!!!!


Opening Gpa Jim and Gma Judy's gift. A super cool Thomas the Train that moves!!!

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gpa Gary and Gma Cindy's gift! Waiting to set this up until we move into the new house!

Train conductor!!!!! CHOO-CHOO!!!!!! Grandma Cindy loves to dress Jackson!

Grandma Cindy gets the best gifts!!!
Jackson melted when he saw this from his Uncle Mark and Aunt Tot and his beloved Kacey. He clapped and kept saying "Kacey!!!" And then "AWWWWWWWW!"

Some cool facts about Jackson and April 15, 2014:

Temperature: 17 degrees right now on April 15, 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Weather: SUNNY!
Moon: BLOOD MOON. Thankfully I'm getting up to pee so much, so I was able to see it. SOOO COOL! I saw it at 2:06 a.m. out our bedroom window. So cool.
Weight, Height - We go in next week for his 2-year appointment. Will know more! I know he's over 27 lbs though.
Clothes - Able to wear 18 month, 24 month and 2 T. 18 month pants fit great in his waist since he has a six-pack but they are too short!
Diapers - POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wears size 4 diapers at night. I need to move him into a big boy bed... Waiting until we move into the new house.
Shoes - Size 6.5
Favorite Songs - Old MacDonald, ABCs, Johnny Appleseed, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Wheels on the Bus
Favorite Foods - Pretty good eater! Just had TWO of his dad's healthy, famous pancakes!
Words he says a lot - "Love you daddy." "Love you mommy." "Sit down, mommy!" "Old MacDonald had a pig." "More please." "Thank you, momma." "All done!" "Kelly beans? Kelly beans? Mooooore Kelly Beans?" "Eye, yey, yey!" "Mama Mia!" "Grandpa Jim's knee. Owie." "Papa's owie." "Jenna's again!" "Chuck, nose. Cry." "Griffin hit Julia." "Hitting Angelo." "Open door."
Faves - Loves looking for Motorcycles (which he calls Mocos), and trains and police cars with lights. He loves to blow kisses. He loves being outside. He loves going to the park and going down the biggest, fastest slides. He loves reading books, especially ones with trains, dump trucks, garbage trucks and heavy equipment.
History - One year ago someone (sick) bombed the Boston Marathon. Two years ago the Titanic remembered 100 years since it sank. This year... they are STILL searching for the Malaysia airlines that went down. I'm obsessed.