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Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Workouts for a Busy Mom

Holding Myself Accountable Every Week
I’m a bit of a health nut/exercise freak. And let me tell you, it’s hard to fit in all that activity when you become a mom. I think maybe once I get the hang of the new mom routine, finding time to work out might get a little easier. Maybe? I feel like it has a little bit. I can’t imagine the guilt will totally go away. I always feel incredibly guilty when I leave Jackson just because I have been away from him for 8+ hours during the day Monday through Friday. But I think that guilt stuff is normal for most moms no matter if you stay at home or work during the week.
Making sure Jackson is always moving!

I try to do as much working out with Jackson as I can. I want to lead by example, ya know?
A side note: I went to a baby shower on Sunday and someone gave a piece of advice:  we are the only moms our babies know and to them, we are AWESOME. I like thatJ
I also don’t know if I’m extra hard on myself because just like that piece of advice I shared, I can only go off my own mom and how she raised us. She NEVER left us. EVER. And so the bar has been raised for me. But at the same time I want to make sure when our kids (if there are more) leave our little nest, I’m able to have my own hobbies and goals to chase after. I don’t want to completely lose myself.
So hard to do. So hard. I’m working on it though.
Working on those cheek muscles:) Smiling and laughing is the BEST medicine!
Right now, I want to hold myself accountable to my health and fitness level and that means showing the world in my blog how I maintain my healthy lifestyle. Being healthy is SO IMPORTANT! This is the only body we get. So I thought once a week I’ll quickly post what I did for the week to get my heart rate up and pumping. And eventually include meals eaten. I do know I can’t eat a doughnut, a Dove ice cream bar and a POP-TART in a day and expect to lose weight. Yes, I did that last week. *hangs head in shame*
Jackson will be six months old next Monday. (I know. Crazy.) That means, it’s been six months since my body birthed this amazing miracle. (Still blows my mind!) My body didn’t snap back as FAST as I thought it would. Rats! Yes, I dropped a huge chunk of weight just a few days after, but all muscle tone has disappeared and those last pounds are hard to lose…even with me nursing!  So I got rid of snacking throughout the day and will ONLY snack mid-morning and afternoon.
Quick snack at work!


Height – 5’10”
Pre-baby weight – 154 pounds
Weight April 15, 2012 (day I had Jackson) – 192 pounds
Weight April 18, 2012 (three days later) – 172 pounds.
Weight October 8, 2012  (almost 6 months later) – 160 pounds.

Fitness for week of September 30:

Sunday – Nothing. Worst headache EVER! Had to pop some Advil and lie down. Like I was really going to work out... I am human.
Monday – 25 minute stair stepper level 11
Tuesday - Rest Day
Wednesday - 15 minute walk over lunch. 30 minute Run/Walk with Jackson outside after work.
Thursday - Rest Day
Friday - Carried huge boxes (30+ pounds) out to car, up and down stairs at work and then delivered them to food shelf for about 20 minutes. I figured my heart was pounding and I was sweating, that counts!
Saturday – 20 minutes stair stepper level 12 and 30 minute lift at Life Time Fitness

FAVORITE SNACKS (will have one mid-morning and another in the afternoon):

·         Boiled egg with pinch of salt and pepper

·         Half of an avocado with cottage cheese and tomato

·         String cheese and an apple

·         Banana with almonds and pistachios

·         Greek Yogurt

·         Peach or Pear with walnuts

·         Made yummy No Bake Energy Balls – will have a couple of these

How do you hold yourself accountable for your health as a busy mom?