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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Month in Review - 19 Months

Fun Times at The Koester's

So much for those "weeks in review"! This past month has been a whirlwind - but a good one. Below you'll see what's been going on. My goal is to find super fun things to do, but not spend money. Most everything you see below was FREE - minus the open gym.

And I can tell you right now the temperature outside is closer to zero than it is to freezing. BURRRR. This is why I have my famous Split Pea soup cooking in the crock - to keep us warm. Thankfully the sun is out. Oh, and we've been fighting off colds - a lot of them. Tis the season.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner... Can I just say the holidays start taking on a new meaning when little people are involved? Like...I'm right back to that six-year-old girl who couldn't sleep at night because I loved Christmas so much! LOVE IT.

Jackson was able to see the calves getting fed at a market up the street from us! So cute!

Checked out all the big pumpkins and haunted house at the market too! Too scared to go in house!

Picked raspberries

Good picker!

Like I said, Good Picker!

Kittens on the Deno Farm in Gaylord!

On the farm with Snoop Daddy Dad!

Great Grandma Deno and Great Grandpa Deno

Picking on to take home (or so he thought)

The start of Halloween

Date Night at Surly Darkness Days!

Got GIRL TIME in too!!!

Cleaning the stinky can!

Doctor Koester!

Went to two houses this year!

Papa and Glama brought gifts!!! Cool ones!

Always wanting to help!

Another cool toy! Power tools!!!

Wheelin around with Glama!

Mama and Glama wine tasting 60 wines!!

Dada on-call so Papa gives baths! NICE!

First snowfall!! Commute to work!

I love my Fridays off!! At the Minnesota Zoo with our friends Katie and Grace!

Fell at the zoo.

Peek a boo

First time he's fallen asleep before bedtime outside the crib!

Fish lips!!!

More Friday fun! Open gym!!!!

Our favorite family to hang with!

Fixing up the car!

Mowing snow!

Three Wines I'm Loving

Good Wine

I love when I find a good wine. And I found three of them! One of wine being local!

From what I read, one glass of wine a night is good for our health. I have maybe half a glass a couple nights in a row and then I forget about it until the weekend. And I'll have MAYBE a full glass. (Not too much now.) Basically I know I can't afford to feel gross from drinking so I just don't get all crazy.

Anyway, I love trying new flavors. When I find one that I really like, I make note of it.

Here are my faves in no particular order:

What wine are you totally loving right now?