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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Celebrating 5 Years of Marriage

No Other Guy I'd Rather Be With
Where did the last five years go?  Time sure flies when you're having fun! 

Let's be real. I don't know a single marriage that is perfect, but I can say I'm truly happy with ours (at this moment in time...he, he!). I will be honest, a happy marriage takes work EVERY SINGLE DAY, but most of the time I feel lucky to have Karl and all that we get to experience together.
At Minnehaha Falls. Walked around and talked and ENJOYED! WE EVEN HELD HANDS:) 

The hardest part for us in the past five years? The transition into parenthood. Jackson has been SUCH a blessing, but becoming parents and balancing jobs and friends and our families and our own time was a HUGE HUGE challenge for our marriage. But I feel like we're in a really good place right now. Like I said, marriage takes SERIOUS work. SERIOUS communication. SERIOUS teamwork.

One thing I KNOW we need to work on is making more time for date nights and each other. To remember who we were before our son came along. Why did we fall in love? Why did we enjoy being around each other so much? What did we talk about? What made us laugh our heads off? What made us smile? What made us take the time to compliment one another? What made us PAY ATTENTION?

We've been away from Jackson ONE night (he's almost 2.5 years old) and that was when we moved into our new house. So we decided to plan a night out away from our son. Holy smokes. We needed that. It was LONG LONG overdue. So we're going to work on that from here on out because life is ONLY going to get crazier with two.

We had SUCH a fun night out that I had to share in photos!!

Wise Acre Eatery. SO GOOD. All ORGANIC FARM FRESH foods from a farm in Plato, Minnesota

Enjoying the food!!!

Healthy Eats!

Homemade basil chocolate chip custard. YUM!

A bonfire in our new backyard to end the evening!!!!!! SO FUN!

My beautiful flowers!!!!!!

Happy Anniversary, Karl! I love you!!!!! Here's to five more years (times infinity).