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Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby's First Tooth - Month 6

We have a tooth!!
Jackson's first tooth at 6 months old

For my own records (First tooth: Thursday, October 18 at 7:30 p.m.), I have to most definitely write a little post about Jackson's first tooth! We knew it was coming with him chewing on EVERYTHING (and standing on his own just to chew on things), but here are some other signs we noticed:

1. Last week Jackson had a cold (or at least was getting over a cold) but during the night I'd hear him let out a yelp here and there. Not sure if it was his tooth breaking through or sinus pressure? He was waking up around 2ish yelling, but eyes were closed. I'd scoop him up and nurse him and he'd go back to sleep.

2. Big time drooling. Always has been a drooler but kind of took it to another level... Almost puddles of drool on his play mat.

3. Anytime I'd hand him a teething ring, he's drop everything and lunge for it. He'd get so excited for it and chew down. And chew. And chew.

4. When I'd get him from daycare, I'd hug him and he'd open his mouth and start chewing on my shoulder.

5. Jenna said when she'd change him, he'd lean his mouth into her arm.

6. When I picked him up from daycare, he was all about getting everything and anything into his mouth. My coat strap, the car seat strap, the little toys hanging from his car seat. When I got him home, he'd try to lean into anything he could so he could teethe...the bottle warmer, pillows, our drinking glasses. ANYTHING. I'd hold him back but then he kept grabbing for my hands and sticking them into his mouth. And then he bit down before I could take my finger away... WHAT WAS THAT?? SOMETHING SHARP!! Granted he wouldn't let me peek in there, but I just knew!!! TOOTH!

7. He started sleeping 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the past two nights. Something was up... He never does that. He had shorter naps at daycare yesterday. What was going on?

8. I noticed this week when I'd nurse him, he'd get a little rash under his eye all the way to his ear. After awhile it'd go away but thought that was interesting...

9. Karl took him up for a bath and I heard..."WE HAVE A TOOTH!" I ran upstairs and peeked in. SURE ENOUGH!! A TOOTH!!!

10. Just a titch nervous how nursing will go now...

Our little guy is growing up! *tear. tear*